Author Topic: Lagbaja Unites With Vocalist Ego After 7 Years  (Read 9556 times)


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Lagbaja Unites With Vocalist Ego After 7 Years
« on: Oct 04, 2014, 08:45 PM »
An era of melodious soul music and pulsating percussion ended seven years ago when the velvet-voiced vocalist, Ego Ogbaro, announced her separation from Bisade Ologunde otherwise known as Lagbaja, the masked singer and saxophonist.

The reality that Lagbaja and Ego are separated seems not to be as astounding as how long it has been. And one of their last songs together, symbolic in lyrics and wholly romantic, ‘Never Far Away,’ was a track they did without a premonition that their career together was to end that soon.

Earlier in the year in an interview, For Ego, all that’s left are fond memories of doing so much together: “The era of being Lagbaja’s back-up singer was a major part of my life. I missed the whole experience, the people I met, places I visited and stuffs I did in the band, coming together to make music from the scratch and what I learnt.”

“That was 12 years of my life. Lagbaja himself is a big brother to me and I miss all that we shared professionally. It was tough and I’m not saying it’s not still tough seven years without Lagbaja but I’m coping. It’s a good opportunity for me to express myself and do my own thing,” she said.

Just like old times, Ego and Lagbaja performed together on the same stage two recently at an event held in Lagos, and the duo were so happy to have had the opportunity of handling the mic together after a long time.

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Lagbaja Unites With Vocalist Ego After 7 Years
« on: Oct 04, 2014, 08:45 PM »