Author Topic: PhD Scholarships in Electrohydrodynamics field at Jeju National University, South Korea  (Read 1280 times)


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PhD Scholarships in Microfluidics and Nanofluidics (Electrohydrodynamics) field at the Jeju National University, South Korea

There is PhD scholarships at the School of Mechatronics Engineering Jeju National University, South Korea at Advanced Micro Mechatronics Lab (AMM LAB).

Research Area
The main research area is to develop the Electrohydrodynamic printing system for Printed Electronics application. The focus is on:
- Design, optimization and validation of Electrohydrodynamic printing systems for Printed Electronics devices.
- Micro, nano-fluidics device design and interfacing with above mentioned systems.
- Determination, alteration and development of different inks for the application direct writing techniques. (For chemical engineering. candidates only)
- The fully funded studentship will cover fees, stipend and research costs

MS in Mechanical engineering, Chemical Engineering or a related field. The applicant should have good analytical and modeling skills as well as good communication skills.

The main criteria of selection is GPA (must be above 3.0/4.0). Beside GPA, good communication skill in English (TOEFL or IELTS) will be considered.

Category : Micro/Nano Fluidics, Electrohydrodynamics

Contact address :
Advanced Micro Mechatronics Lab
Jeju National University

Name : Khalid Rahman
Email :