Author Topic: 100+ Free Web Services That Save You Money (Part VI)  (Read 1763 times)


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Welcome back!

This is the Part VI of 100+ free web services that save you money.

Please ensure you keep yourself informed by checking for updates on this topic.

Are you familiar with any of these services? Your comments would be appreciated.

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Happy Saving!

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Here we go!

PhotoFunia: Creates effects for your photos, blogs etc.

PhotoPerfect Express: This is a professional quality, yet easy-to-use program for image editing.

PimpMyNews: it reads blogs aloud for you using text-to-speech software. It is now called BuzzVoice. It is a simple and FREE service that makes updating your social networks a snap!

Pipl: The most comprehensive people search on the web. Suite: It is a complete collection of portable apps including a web browser, email client, office suite, calendar/scheduler, instant messaging etc.

Postbox: It lets you work with email the way you've always wanted.

PrimoOnline: Convert files to PDF with PrimoOnline, the free online PDF creator.

PrintWhatYouLike: Format any web page for printing in seconds with this free online editor.

Qipit: Take a picture of a document with your camera phone. Send the picture from your phone or via email to

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