Author Topic: Believe It Or Not,This Site Is Giving Out Free Money To Join Them.  (Read 1506 times)

Good Day All,

     I will start like this.If you are one of those who don't believe anything on net,then,don't bother reading this message any further,for you will be wasting your time.

    I wonder what you will believe. A site asks you to pay money to make more,you called it a scam program,another one asks nothing from you to earn from it,you called it scam too,i wonder what will be real to you.

  I am not a newbie online,those ones i am working on,are proven ones and i have been paid by them before.So,the serious ones,be assured you have found a real program to make money from,okay.

   There is a site which is a Matrix program.Matrix Programs are investment site but this one is not asking you any money for investing right now.They haven't launched.They did target 600,000 members,so until they get that,they are given free money to anyone that joins them.They did set 429,000 Euros for this program.You will be earning 0.10cents for bringing in new people to them.So the more you brought in,the more you earn.

   For you to start earning,you only need to bring in 5 people which will be placed under you.They need to join under your referral link.If you join now and give me your link,i will help you get the 5 people for free.I already gotten mine,so i am helping those that wants to join.You only need 5 under you,if you have extra,it will be moved under someone else.

If you act now,your earnings will start This Friday.This site pays on Fridays.For the moment,they are using Direct bank Transfer and Paypal but they are about adding Alertpay and Libertyreserve.I prefer this two than any other method of payment.

This site did set 9,000 Euro plus for each member that reached the highest level.That money in Nigeria is One Million Five Hundred Thousand Naira plus.

It is very possible to get that,if you are the determined type.I am determined and i will surely get that.Making money online is not easy.It requires hard work and information and determination.I have lost $700 plus to HYIPS before and left internet for two years but i later got back because there is much to make than that money.I wasn't experienced that time that i lost the money.Such won't happen again.I know the site that is real and not.

This site is not a pyramid program or site.You got to be wise when dealing with programs online.By the way,this site is never going to ask you any money,so you lose nothing,there is nothing to fear dealing with it.They are not going to ask you to pay any money before you get your earnings out,That won't happen.They have paid 30,000 Euros so far out of the 429,000 Euros set down.

Like i said earlier,you have nothing to lose.Sign up and i will get you your five people if you can't do it.I will also help those under you to get theirs.

When the site launched,members will be asked to start investing with them which you can do from the earnings you get for free from them if you act now.

If they are able to get 200,000 at the end of the day and they asked people to start investing.Let's say 100,000 responded with each paying 10 dollars,that is One Million Dollars for the site.They will surely invest part of that to make more money and be able to pay those that invested with them.You can see they are having a good plan.They will never run out of funds to pay members.

    If they spend the whole 429,000 Euros now,they will get that back when member start investing within a short time.

  The site is from Germany and just included English language to their site.They plans to include Spanish and Russian too in a short time.

To get that 9,000 euros,you must have reached level 7.Let's start now with 5 people under you.They too will want to help themselves by referring 5 under them as well.

  I promise to get you that five now if you are ready to sign up.Okay.

   To do that,just write to me through my email - The SUBJECT of the message should be " I WANT IN ".

   If you don't include that,i will take you to be one of those scammers out there sending rubbishes and i will delete it without reading the whole message for i don't have time on net to waste.

  When you send the message,i will give you the link to the site and sign up. After that,you will have to give me your own referral link to get five people under you.Okay.

      You can check this summary of what the site is offering :

 Summary of the offer

Free registration and membership - you do not pay a penny for entry or membership and are paid from the beginning. That has never happened before!
429.000,- Euro in advance for you - There has been nothing in the industry like that! We put the money for you on the table before the start - no ifs, no buts!
5 x 7Matrix with Spillover - in the members area you have track of your downline and can see the commission in real time on your account! For each filled matrix, we will pay you € 9765.50 - plus bonuses and incentives!
10 Cent for each referral on 7 levels - During the prelaunch we still not can make you rich but very easy we will pay you a few hundred euros as recognition of your performance, before "The AMI code" is launched!!
Weekly bonuses and incentives - We double the commission days way, or doubling the total commission, incentives like that let your downline grow quickly!
Exclusive preliminary information about the "AMI Code" - The best will be the first and our members are the best!
personalized Web page to start IMMEDIATELY - Sign up now and immediate recommend friends to make them earning money!!
Members area with exclusive tips and information - we will help you to win many members during the prelaunch so you are positioned on top at the official launch!
... and much more... You will be surprised - we are different than the others!
You read that right - we are investing 429 000, - € during the prelaunch ...

...and we pay you 10 cents plus bonus and incentives for each new member who registers for free in your 5x7 matrix!

The sooner you register the better will be your position in the matrix and the more money you will earn when "The AMI code" will be accessible to the public.

You get access to the members area which we will expand step by step. So you will be able to earn as much as possible of the 429.000,- Euro and we reach the ambitious target of 600.000 Mitgliedern as soon as possible!

We will very soon introduce other languages so that you can inform your international contacts about the "AMI Code".

"The AMI Code" is a revolution - the beta-testing has exceeded all expectations and even professionals could be surprised!

We cannot make you rich during the prelaunch but you can easily earn 200,- Euro, 500,- Euro or 9.765,50 Euro verdienen by filling your matrix now. It's all free - for you and for your members!

Note also the News and incentives. It's not as rare that we simply pay double commissions for a day or give out a bonus for a special performance. We are very creative when it comes to promoting achievement!

  I hope you understand all that.You can see,they are offering free money to be their member.You need to act now.Write to me through my email and let the subject of the message be " I Want In " . If you don't include that,i won't get back to you.Okay.

   I will be waiting for you.

  Guys Read This Update I Got From The Site

Hi Charles Oluwaseun O Aladesiun,
There are great news from the AMI code. Please read all information!
1st - Bonus weekend starts NOW
2nd - Anticipated commission payouts
3rd - Important general information
We have launched the site in English and will soon have Russian on-line as well. We are making good progress and in these hours, the 50,000 members mark is cracked!

1st - Bonus weekend starts NOW
This time with simple conditions: Sponsor between NOW and
Sunday at 12 pm 10 members and get 100% bonus on every
member who comes in to your team in this period!
It's so easy to double the commission!
2nd - Commission payments accelerated
We will do a Bonus run on Monday, right after this bonus weekend, so you
can see your commission early next week in the back office.
We will then immediately start the payouts, so that members will have their
commission no later than 10 September in their the bank account -
rather much earlier!
3rd - Important Information
The early payment of commission will be realized directly after the bonus weekend.
This is an opportunity you should not miss out!
Join us on Facebook as well so you will get some information still earlier!

However, please note, that Facebook is not a discussion platform. We use
it to inform you faster!
Right now we are proud to welcome the 50,000 th member!
At this point we would like to thank you very much!
With the new Bonus run we are to disburse about 33.000, - €.
There are exact figures after this week-end bonus and the Bonus run!
Top members in this Bonus run will receive commission up to 900, - €
and many members have build now a solid basis for the future and the
introduction of AMI code!
We wish you a successful and a nice bonus weekend
AMI Code Team

GLG S.A., Global Gateway 3020, Rue de La Perle, Province, Mahe, Seychelles, Province, Mahe 3020, INDIA