Graduate Standardisation Examination (GSE) for Fresh Graduate Job-Seekers

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The Graduate Standardisation Examination provides an independent, uniformed source of reliable and valid information about fresh graduate job-seekers in Nigeria.

How it works

Born at a time when corporate organizations had resorted to aptitude tests for all graduate entry level applicants, GSE (Graduate Standardisation Examination) is the widely accepted standard examination that replaces aptitude tests for Member Organizations.

Getting a GSE Score is easy

1. Register

2. Payment or non-payment
a. If you have registered because of a specific Graduate Recruitment Campaign (e.g. Union Bank, Deloitte, or Flour Mills) you are NOT required to pay. Simply apply with your GSE ID and Password, and the employer will select those they are interested in, and pay on their behalf for the GSE.
b. Results paid for by an employer can only be used to apply to that particular employer.
c.  If you have registered independently because you want to use your GSE score to apply to a variety of employers, you can pay the Exam Fees (N5,000) using any of the payment options specified below.

3. Schedule Exam

4. Preparation:
a. Prepare well, to sit for a Numerical, Verbal and Abstract Reasoning Examination.
b. See "Sample Questions" on the GSE website.

5. Exam Day and Results:
a. Report to the Exam Centre on time, on the date scheduled and sit the exam.
b. You will receive you scores shortly after the test via sms.
c. Alternatively you may click on "CHECK SCORES" on the GSE home page, to check your scores.

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