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1. Application Process

The Foundation's educational grants scheme is limited to postgraduate studies or research. Applications by  leavers or undergraduates already enrolled who have not yet obtained their first University degree will not be considered. Postdoctoral research is not included.

Applications should be written in English, with the exception of applications for studies in Greece and Cyprus, which may be submitted in Greek.

The deadline for the submission of applications is the 15Th June.

There are two stages in the application process:

a) submission of Application by post
b) submission of Electronic Form by email

A) Submission of Application by post

Applications should be addressed to the A.G. Leventis Foundation and must include:

1) Cover letter
2) Personal statement supporting the application. This should include a brief description of planned course of study or research project as well as description of the reasons for wanting to undertake this specific course/research and what the applicants hope to achieve through their studies.
3) Curriculum vitae
4) Copy of secondary school diploma
5) Copies of subsequent academic degrees with detailed breakdown of marks and exam results
6) Copy of the letter of acceptance from the University where the applicant intends to pursue post-graduate studies
7) At least one academic reference/letter of recommendation
8) Clear indication of length of course or project and expected date of completion
9) Estimated costs of tuition and living expenses
10) Information on financial resources available to the applicant from personal sources or other institutions.

All applications should reach the following address: “Ref. Scholarships, The A.G. Leventis Foundation, 86 Avenue Foch, 75116 Paris, France”,before the 15th June. Any applications received after that date will not be examined. The Foundation strongly recommends that applicants submit their applications between mid-April and early June.

We understand that there may be a delay in obtaining items 5 or 6, which can be faxed or emailed to the Foundation at a later date, but must reach us before the end of June.

Documents in support of applications should be photocopies, not originals. It is not necessary to enclose publications, books, articles or offprints, bearing in mind that supporting documents cannot be returned to the applicants even if a grant is not approved.

Candidates should ensure that complete and precise contact information is included in their application (postal addresses, e-mail addresses and telephone numbers are essential).

B) Submission of Electronic Form by email

Once the Foundation receives the application sent by post, an Electronic Form (Excel Document) together with instructions on how to fill it in will be sent to the applicant by e-mail.

The completed Electronic Form must be sent back by email to

Applications will only be examined by the Foundation if both stages have been completed.

2. Selection process and criteria

Applications are examined by the Foundation during its annual review of grants at the end June/beginning July when awards are decided for the academic year starting in September/October.

Selection is made from a large number of well-qualified candidates and competition is often keen. Criteria applied are scholastic ability measured in terms of previous academic record and economic situation of the candidate. Additional factors determining selection include: field of study or research project chosen, country and University where candidates have been admitted, length of programme planned and how clear and complete the application is. All these factors are carefully considered in the interests of equity, balance and quality.

Candidates are warned that if they obtain a grant it will not cover the total estimated costs but will at best be a partial contribution towards the expense involved. They are therefore encouraged to actively seek alternative sources of financing and to mention them in their application.

3. Results

All applicants will be informed in writing of the Foundation’s decision. Applicants who study in Greece or France should expect the Foundation’s decision in mid-September. Applicants who study in other countries will be informed of the results by the end of July.

4. Payment of grants

Grants are made by the A.G. Leventis Foundation on an annual basis to cover the next academic year. The grants are usually paid in two remittances to the beneficiary’s bank account, first half in October and the second half in February. Beneficiaries are required to be regularly enrolled as full-time post-graduate students at a University or other equivalent institution of graduate studies, and to maintain a satisfactory academic standard.

5. Progress reports and renewal of grants

All successful applicants are required to send regular reports on the progress of their studies. Applicants who wish to request a renewal of their grant for the next academic year should submit a grant renewal request including a progress report by the 15th June.

January 2009

Contact Details:
Telephone number: 00442089914020
Fax: 00442088109809

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