Author Topic: 3 Signs That Should Never Be Neglected By Ladies About Their Bodies  (Read 773 times)


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Women are sometimes too busy with career, family life etc, that sometimes they tend to neglet their health. There are certain signals that the body usually sends that should not be negleted no matter how bussy we may think we are. These signs include :

1. Genital bleeding not associated with menstruation: Slight bloody vaginal discharge abaut 10 days after your normal period could be a sign of so many things that could either be slight or severe .....forgetting to take your pills or change of contraception or a growth.
But never worry, a good gyeneacologist will be able to tell you if it is a benign or malignant situation. A regular control examinations are very essential to avoid infections and the place of good clean cotton under-wears cannot be negleted.

2. Breast changes: A slight change in the size/shape of both or one of your breasts, falling or any other form of change could also be a warning of a tumour or cancer. An auto-palpation (monthly self breast examination) is very important but dont forget to visit your gyeneacologist regularly. Most malignant breast cancers could be controlled only if they are detected early. For those at risk (obesity , familly history , etc ) you have a double responsibility than those who are not .

3. Heavyness of the legs: A sensation of heaviness in the lower limbs that is relieved by a cold shower or slightly raising the legs could be a sign of blood clot. To know if you have a clot, raise your leg to be perpendicular to your calf...........a sharp pain? then you have a clot. If in addition to the pain, there is increase in size of your veins, apperance of vericose etc, these could be early signs of throbosis or phlebitis. Don't hesitate to see a doctor.

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