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      I am Charles, a full time online earner.I want to discuss with you the best way to make good money online.
  I have been working full time online for months now and I have never seen anything as the most easiest and sure way to make more money online as the one I am about to share with you.

   The site is an investment site.You may believe it or not,the site is real and they have been in business for a long time without having any financial problem.The fact is,you cannot make good money in life if you are not considering  investing.The richest people in the world today made their money from investing.Investment is the sure key to more money or success.
        This site is not High Yield Investment Program ( HYIP ),it is a site that deals with shares.
                      By the way,to erase any doubt you may have on it,make some research about it on Google.This is the best place to know if a site is real or not.Get to Google and type either " ( the site name ) scam " or "proof of payment from ( the site name ) " or "review of ( the site name ) 2011 ".You will include the name of the site which i will give to you later on.I am very sure you won't have any doubt after the researches.

   I honestly love the site because there are alot of things to derive from it.
                                            Let me tell you all you need to know about it :

It is a company based in Australia and has branches in Europe too.What they do is,give people the chance to be a shareholder of those companies that seeks their help in getting investors.There are companies from all over the world that are working with them.

   There are 5 star Hotel,Service Station,Music Store & School,Resort Restaurant,Beach Resort Village etc. You can be a shareholder of any of them.This site's investment program is just like investing with banks.It is not always or every time you will be getting shares to buy.When there are new shares,you will be alerted through your email.Right now,there are new added shares to buy.You need to hurry before other people rush them all.
          The minimum share you can buy is $5.Right now,there are five companies on the site looking for investors.There are shares that cost $5,$8,$10,$20,$250 per share.You will be getting interest on the shares every week for two years,three years,that depends on the company you invested with.

  What i love about the site is,you invested just $5,you will be getting $0.56 weekly.You monthly profit is $2.24 and the profit for the two year period is $53.76.
     You can see the gain,that is $48 profit for your $5 investment.One share cost $5,that is the minimum.If you like,you can buy more.There is no maximum or limit for that so far,it doesn't exceed the number of shares released out.

    If you move for the one of $10 per share,you will be getting $1.12 weekly,monthly profit is $4.48 and the whole profit for two year period is $107.52.

If you move for the one of $250 per share,you weekly profit is $29,monthly is $116 and the profit for the two year period is $2,784.

   Believe me,this is real.The site is not a one man company or a small one.Your money is in safe hand.

      You can invest with all sort of payment method,be it Alertpay or Libertyreserve,Paypal,Perfectmoney etc.

                            Check this out :

                                   Do you know you can even travel out of your country through this site ?

   Believe it or not,they are holding end of the year party or seminar and are giving all investors the chance to attend.If you want to attend,just write them and they will send you invitation letter which is what you need to include to your Visa Application in their Embassy.
   The company is based in Australia.That is where their head office is and the event for this year will be holding in there.I have seen the post from investors like me and you,who had submitted their application to the Australia Embassy in Nigeria.
   If you want to be one of them,you must write them before November this year to get the Invitation Letter.
                             This is the update they sent to me regarding  that :

Dear Charles Oluwaseun O Aladesiun,

Subject: Invitation To GloInvest  Seminar On 31st  December 2011!

We wish to inform you that final preparations are underway for a seminar and end of year party at Radisson Blu Plaza hotel, Sydney, Australia on Saturday the 31st of December 2011. This is also an opportunity for you to meet the management team of GloInvest, and the founders and owners of the different businesses featured on GloInvest.

If you are interested to attend please let us know on or before 1st of November 2011. If you require visa to attend, please note that early preparation is needed.

If you have any questions, please contact us.

Best Regards.


                                                         Another update regarding the seminar is :

Dear Charles Oluwaseun O Aladesiun,

Subject: Complying with visa requirement!

We wish to inform you that GloInvest can only send an invitation outlining the purpose of your visit. You will still need to fulfill visa requirements pertaining to your country.

We cannot influence the outcome of your visa application. Please ensure you fully comply with all application requirements. Questions regarding visa requirements should be directed to the embassy.

If you have any further questions, please contact us

Best Regards.


         By the way,don't fool yourself if you are investing little money and wants to apply for the Invitation Letter.They will give it to you but the Australia Embassy will deny your Visa Application.You must be a good investor to have any chance of getting that visa.If you can invest $35,000,you will be given special Invitation to one of their 5 Star Hotel which you can take up any time, any day.

   My brothers and sisters,it is high time you stop wasting your money online,invest for your future.This is the most easiest way to make money online.All you need do is invest and then withdraw your earnings weekly or monthly.

   There is 5% bonus of whatever those you refer to them invested.This is another way to make more money.

  When you have registered,you will be getting updates from them on a daily basis regarding your investment.
    There is also a chance to sell your shares out if you want that.The share you bought for $5 can be sold for $20 when there are no more shares for new investors to buy.You must have kept the shares for a minimum of 45 days to be able to do that.

   As for payment,they don't delay that.You will be paid the very day you asked for it and no minimum.

   You can buy many shares now with the hope of selling them out when there are no more shares for new investors.

                                      To sign up,click or copy this link to your browser and register :


When you are done,check your email to click on the activation link sent to you.It may appear in your Inbox or Spam folder.when you click on the activation link,your account is now ready.

    You can click on " Investment " in your account to see the investments available for now.If you don't have Alertpay or Libertyreserve account,click these links and register for them.

2... -  Do choose Personal Starter Account when signing up for the Alertrpay account in order to avoid getting charges for all transactions,okay.

  Please use a new email for these two accounts.Your online accounts should never share the same email with other programs to prevent your money from being stolen away by hackers.

     You have to get money into your Alertpay or LIbertyreserve account and use it to invest on this site.
      To do that,you will need to get a good ecurrency exchanger.Ecurrency exchanger is a company that helps people fund or get money into their internet accounts like Alertpay,Libertyreserve,Paypal,Perfectmoney etc.

   Ecurrency is the online money that you spend online.The money in your Alertpay,Libertyreserve,Paypal is ecurrency because it can only be used online.You can't hold it.To hold it or use it outside internet,you need to change it to your local money or currency and the ecurrency exchangers will do that for you.The money on the Alertpay,Libertyreserve,Paypal are different to our local money but they do have the same value as dollar.The ecurrency exchanger will help you get the money into the account and will also help you change your online money into local one.

  To get money into your Alertpay or LIbertyreserve account,you need to get in touch with the exchanger,ask the rate they are selling their dollar.The one i am using is selling one dollar at the rate of N173.So if you need to get $10 or $20 into your Alertpay or LIbertyreserve account,you will pay ( 173 x 10 = N1,730 ) N1,730 into the exchanger Bank Account which details you will get on their website.Once you have paid that money,you will have to text Your Name,Amount Paid,Teller Number,Bank Paid To,Your Alertpay or Libertyreserve Account ( whichever you want to fund among the two ) and the Amount of Dollar you paid for,to the exchanger,to notify him or her about the payment and fund your account on time.
          LIbertyreserve account number looks like this - U5801780.It starts with " U ".Alertpay account number is your email address you used to sign up to Alertpay.So,you need to keep it safe and make sure you don't use it for any other programs.

    This ecurrency exchanger can also help you get the money in your Alertpay or LIbertyreserve account changed to Naira or your country currency.You get in touch with them and let them know you want to sell Libertyreserve or Alertpay dollars.Minimum is $10.Get their rate and Alertpay or Libertyreserve accountn which you will transfer the money from your account to.The one i am using is buying Libertyreserve and Alertpay Dollars at the rate of N155 per Dollar.You send $10,you get N1,550.You send $20,you get N3,100.

      You have to give them your Bank Account details to sent the money to you.If your bank is GTB,Oceanic,WEMA,First Bank,let the exchanger know about it.Your Bank Name,Account Number,Account Name will be needed to transfer the money to you.

  Please,use a trusted exchanger.The one i have been using for a long time is He is a trusted exchanger,fast and reliable.I love his customer service.
    I never had any issue or problem with any transactions i have had with him.I do get the money into my bank account the very day i send it to him if that was done before 12 PM.
              To start using his service,go to his website - and register.
   Confirm your account from your email by clicking the activation link.When you are done,log in to the site again and get his contact details like phone number by clicking the " Contact Us " link on the site.You may be asked to upload your Driving Licence,Passport etc,if you have them,do that if not leave it.When you call him,tell him charlly007 referred you to him.
         To fund your Alertpay or Libertyreserve,you will have to log in to the site to do that.Once you are in,you will see " Buy / Sell Ecurrencies " on the site,click on the link of the one you want to buy.You will see something like " Click Here To Buy Or Sell Libertyreserve " under Libertyreserve if that is what you want to buy.The same is also under Alertpay.Make sure you click the link of what you want to buy.
  When you clicked the link,You will see his Bank details.Choose the one you feel comfortable paying the money you want to use to buy the dollar that will be transferred to your Libertyreserve or Alertpay Account and write it down.Make no mistake.

  When you have made the payment to his bank,you can come back to this page again and click on the " Send Us Notification " link under the Bank Details and feel the form that appear to notify him of your payment.
            Do make sure you send a text message as earlier stated to make things more faster.SMS will alert him more faster than the website notification.

   Please do call him first before making any payment.Ask if you can get your Libertyreserve or Alertpay funded on time.

  By the way,if the amount you need to do any transaction from your Libertyreserve account is $20,do make sure you pay for $22 with the exchanger because if you only pay for $20,you will get $19.Libertyreserve will charge you for the transaction.If you pay for $22,you are sure of getting $20 after the transaction fee had been deducted.
      As for Alertpay,no transaction fee is you choose " Personal Starter Account " when creating account with Alertpay.

             That is all regarding getting money into your Libertyreserve or Alertpay account.

Remember to use a trusted exchanger.Do call them first before paying any money.Ask for their details.
     A bit of advice,please do not use was scammed once by this exchanger and i am still getting messages from my friends too who also got scammed by this exchanger.You may get your money the first time you deal with them but as time goes on,the exchanger will surprise you.
         When the exchanger refused to pay me the money i sold to him,i reported the case to Alertpay and i got the money back within two weeks.It was removed from his account.

  Please,do avoid dealing with the exchanger.Use This exchanger is accredited by Libertyreserve and Okpay ( another payment processor like Alertpay and Libertyreserve ).It's also listed among the best ecurrency exchanger in the world.If you want to learn Forex Trading,the exchanger is available to help out.You can add him to your Yahoo Messenger list from his website.You will see " Chat Live,I Am Online ".When you click on it,you will be able to chat with him on Yahoo Messenger if he is online that moment but you are sure of getting him online.He is always available for chatting.

                            Back to the Investment site :

You need to fund your account now and invest so that your earnings can start immediately.You have nothing to fear.The company is a trusted one.You can even call them to ask some questions.You can also send an email message and they will respond fast.

                 One of the update regarding the investment on their site is this :

  This is an update regarding the Certificate of the Shares you bought :

Dear Charles Oluwaseun O Aladesiun,

Subject: Shares Certificate

We have received some requests regarding shares certificate. GloInvest issues digital shares certificate for every 100 shares or above purchased as a single purchase.

After each purchase, usually within 48 hours you are then sent a digital certificate issued in the same name as that of your account, acknowledging the number of shares, etc.

Please let us know if you have any questions regarding this.

Best Regards.


   I also send a message to them yesterday.This is the message and their response :

                My Message :

Subject: Please help Me Clarify This

Good day sir,
  I am one of the investor in this site.I tried to refer others and i am facing a problem of trust regarding this program.I just want to ask you if  there won't be any problem if one invest large amount of money like say $1,000 plus ?
  And what is the assurance,we won't regret investing with you ? I have lost over $500 to investment sites before and many people also had this experience too.They are really skeptical of investing online.I need your response to be able to be convinced i am in the right place for my investment and others should not be worried too.Do you have plan to be online for more than two years ?
  I do love to hear from you on time,please.

                        Their Response :

We can invite you to visit any of the businesses you are interested in so you can see the companies yourself before investing.
We have investments worth several million dollars and our investors have rest of minds.


                        So you have nothing to fear about your investment,okay.Make sure you sign up through my link which is - GloInvest.Net .

  Do that first before asking more questions.When you have signed up,you can be able to check things more on the site yourself and your question will be less.

        By the way,another site that works like this one is :


   Check it out and see if you can invest on it too.
                                   If you have things to ask from me,call me on 08037409708 or can also add me to your Yahoo Messenger - goldencharlly2001.I am always online and will add you instantly.We can chat live through that.
      Please do not flash,because you will be wasting your time and battery and scammers,do not bother to send your rubbishes to me for i won't respond.