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Job Title: Offshore Operation Coordinator
Job number: 39558
Organisation: Brunel Energy

Job Description:
•   To plan, monitor and coordinate the marine part of the development project with regard to procedures, quality, HSE, and schedule optimisation, ensuring that the works are executed to the full satisfaction of Operations.
•   To ensure that subordinates and contractors are aware of and comply with HSE rules and regulations.
•   Be the point of contact for all marine related operations for Contractors, within project team, within Project organisation (Logistic & Support Operations ‘LSO’, Field Operations), with Company subsidiary, and with external parties (Marine Warranty Surveyor ‘MWS’)
•   Plan communication flow process between all concerned parties and warrant proper implementation.
•   To pursue the HSE objectives defined by his hierarchical superiors.
•   Assist Contractors in elaborating bridging documents, SIMOPS, etc.

Job Requirement:
The SERVICES will take place in the following location:
- Lagos area, Nigeria at offices designated by COMPANY

For more information and online application: Jobs at Brunel Energy - Nigeria.

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