Author Topic: Why do I fall in love so fast..?  (Read 1424 times)

Why do I fall in love so fast..?
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[float=left][/float]Is it obsession, a crush, or love? Are you confused as to whether or not this is the real thing or just a passing infatuation?

1. What are you thinking about? If you find yourself thinking about him or her than you know that it could be more than just a crush.

2. Notice how much your thinking about this person. Are you wondering where he is? Are you checking his myspace everyday, checking his friends lists and reading their private comments, just to see if he's signed on? Is he all you talk about with your friends?

3. Note if you have "The butterflies". This can happen, but is not limited to, when you talk to them, hug them, or kiss them.

4. Are you finding yourself thinking about marrying him or having a life with her? When you do that in itself is a very big sign towards love rather than infatuation.

5. Examine Abnormal Habits. Do you find yourself sifting through countless email adresses, spending hours trying to guess your object of interest's possible usernames and passwords to access myspace and facebook accounts?

6. If you think about something physical with them, it's probably infatuation. (As opposed to just hoping that they have a good day or just wanting to talk to them.)



Re: Why do I fall in love so fast..?
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Love, a feeling human hunt for :)

Re: Why do I fall in love so fast..?
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That's true,we all need love at some point in our life..:)