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Wibiya Tool for InfoStrides
« on: Nov 20, 2009, 07:13 PM »
This is a pop-up toolbar at the buttom of the forum. The following are the features that exist in it:

   Page Translator: Use this to translate the forum to your desire language.
   Recent Posts: This shows you 5 most recent posts on the forum.
   Random Post: It selects the post randomly.
   Games: For the lovers of games.
   RSS Feed Subscription: Subscribe to updates on InfoStrides.
   Share This Post: You can use this to share your favourite topics or posts with friends 
           on social networks.
   Facebook Fan Page: This is our fan Page. Join today!
   Twitter: Why not follow us on Twitter?
   Notifier: See our last notification.
   Minimizer: You can minimize the tool here.

Why not give it a trial to explore?

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