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Dissemination of information for greater progress
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The main purpose of information collection is to organize the available information and ensure systematic dissemination of the required information to the concerned people and popular institutions.  This is done by supplying suitable media with the facts and figures for dissemination of information depending upon the requirements of the intended receivers of the information, the pace of time, the extent of coverage, cost of dissemination, etc. 
The most important factor, however, is that the receiving ends of information should be properly motivated to act upon the facts and figures given to them.  The Cochin Real Estate developments have been enhanced mainly due to the sincere efforts taken by the renowned advertisers in creating and managing innovative advertising strategies and marketing approaches.  Almost all the leading advertising agencies now have an office in Cochin.
Literally speaking, the developments in Cochin real estate are known all over the world.  This exposure gained by this city has helped it to attract investments from the prominent domestic and overseas investors.  With the completion of the ‘Smart City’ project, Cochin is likely to throw up a major challenge to the Technopark in Trivandrum. 
All the leading builders used to set apart a huge sum of money for advertising and marketing the flats, apartments and other commercial spaces through the print and visual media.  Thus, almost all the prominent builders have been able to generate significant enquiries even before the actual commencement of the building project.  The interesting fact to be noted here is that the entire money invested by the builders could be recovered within a short span of time.  All the leading builders now agree that without proper advertisements it is difficult to find customers for the built up spaces and apartments.  All the leading advertising agencies have been able to stay profitable mainly due to the proliferation of builders and realtors.