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The first time a read about the business potential on the internet back then in 1993 it was described as an auto pilot. I never really understood it then until I began to experience its auto money making power. The same is with GSM short code business. In case you just don’t know what GSM short code is, I will start by explaining.  GSM short code is a system design by some smart guys to get GSM subscribers contributes money to them. Imagine over 75 million GSM subscribers sending you money, like N50 or N100 each. Oh my God! Nothing beats this kind of money making. Yes, that means the short code numbers have the power to collect money for you from subscribers that sends text message to it. I will explain better as we move on into the next paragraph.

Short codes are unique phone numbers assigned by VAS service providers to interested entrepreneurs for the purpose of offering value added service (VAS) to millions of GSM subscribers across the country. The service deducts certain amount of money as specified by the VAS service from the phone credit of the GSM subscriber that responds to it either by text message or through call. And these monies deducted are then shared between the GSM operators, VAS provider and the smart entrepreneur that operates the short code service, according to the approved sharing formula.
Depending on the volume of text or call would determine how much you can earn from your short code number. And these monies are paid within 90 days by some operators’ or 120 days circle by others.  That means you get paid from your short code every 90 to 120 days. And that could be around N1 million to over N10 million but depending on the volume of text or calls received from your short code number.  And it doesn’t stop after the payment, it continues in circle over and over if you keep running the service. 

Mobile subscribers remain the largest and closest market platform on the face of the earth today. According to rating, text message have relegated email to the second position.  Text message is now the easiest, fastest and cheapest means of communication anywhere in the world, and also the fastest money making business in the world. Download: The Bulk SMS Bible.

Now that the whole potential is what you can tap into, when are you setting up GSM short code business? Unlike bulksms business or any other business for that matter, GSM short code makes you money even while you sleep. Once it’s set up its like an automated machine that works on its own – making money for 24 hours in a day and 365 days in a year. You will never be broke again with GSM short code service working for you. All you need do is get your own GSM short code for a little fee and off you go promoting it and getting millions of GSM subscribers sending you text, where each text means money coming to you.

Market potential:  The growth of text messaging is what is driving short code business.  The business potential of short code is too numerous to mention. The first of it is the money you make when subscribers send text messages to your short code number. That one alone is big. But the bigger opportunity is using those numbers collected for SMS advertising – either to promote your own services or to advertise for big companies who are willing to pay big time for it. This is even the biggest part of it, where you earn money over and over from the same number of database. One large database can make you more money than even the short code business itself may have earned you. In fact, the list potential of short code business is more viable than the short code itself. Let me explain…

The internet boom took a lot of big companies by surprise, so will SMS boom. And because the operators are not permitted by law to sell the numbers on their database or even utilize them for themselves, the SMS advertising business would be controlled by who has the largest GSM subscriber database, and surely it would not be the operators. Surprised? Those who would have that advantage are those who have short code services now, and that could be you. If that happens, then you are sure going to be making over N1 million per SMS advert you do. Imagine coca cola giving you SMS advert, and knowing how frequently they advertise – that could be like sending over one million text messages every day or over four million messages every week. And even if you make just N1 per SMS sent that would amount to N1 million or N4 million regular income. See the report on Profit Potential of SMS

Ehe, you want to get started immediately but you have some questions. The questions you wish to ask me right now are: How does this short code works? How can one get this short code number? How much will it cost to set up the short code business? How do I get my money   into my bank account? Yes, you have questions I can already see that. I have a question for you. Are you really serious about making money from GSM short code business or you are just one of those wanna know guys? Well, I will soon found out but let me give you straight forward answers with my usual step-by-step-guide style of making business opportunities simply. Believe me, it’s so easy now that you can just get your own short code without the former rigours of begging the VAS operators and they are asking you to pay millions before they give it to you.

Step 1- understanding how the short code works: this is the most important aspect of this business. You must have a good knowledge of text messaging business model. Download a brief overview from The text message model knowledge would help you tap into the short code business profitably. Remember, you are dealing with VAS providers, and some of them can be dubious, especially if they sense you are a complete novice. For example, the short code business works on a shared-code basis, which means that the same short code would be issued to many people including you. And all of you will be assigned a keyword each.

The keywords are what differentiate each of you from the shared-code.  So, when you don’t know you can make the mistake of promoting just the short code without the keyword as your primary address in the short code network. For instance, if you are sharing a short code number 12345, you will be assigned a keyword like “BUY”. So you are to promote the key word “BUY” like this (text the word “BUY” to 12345). All the messages sent to the keyword “BUY” would be credited to your account. That is your primary address in the short code service.

For the money, you get paid based on the sharing formula of the particular GSM operator. Each of the operators has their own separate sharing formula. The VAS provider which you sign up with would let you know what they are. Usually, the money is shared between you, the GSM operators and the VAS providers. But some VAS providers may claim that they would not share from it if you pay a certain agreed fee, but they truth is, somehow they are sharing from it whether you paid that fee or not, since they are the one who agreed on the sharing fee with the operators and its whatever fee they tell you that you will work with. So, don’t be fooled when they tell you they would not be sharing from the money, the truth is they would do, knowingly or unknowingly. But it should be little.

And again, you must have a plan of how you intend to generate revenue from your short code service.  Your nature of service must be clear to the VAS provider to enable them assign a keyword that is related to your kind of service. And note that some lottery services may require some grand knowledge and approval of the consumer protection council before your VAS provider can assign keyword to you. But light winning lotteries are okay. But whatever idea you have to use in generating revenue, make sure it’s sound and original enough to encourage millions of subscribers’ texting to it with expectation of whatever that you promised in return.

Step 2 – Start up requirements:  I want to believe you are computer/Internet literate. You need to be. This business is beyond knowing how to press your GSM phone. That means you need to have a computer and internet access. There are new internet based laptops now in the market known as ‘netbook’ – you can get those, they are far cheaper than usual laptops. But for your internet service I recommend any of the GSM operators of Glo, MTN or Zain. However, get your 3G modem from Mobileextreem so that it would be compatible with all the networks.  While you can get the 3G prepaid Internet activation codes for MTN and Zain so you can activate their services anytime you want to and start browsing. They have both the N500 and the N2,500 browsing. The reason for the internet is so that you can monitor the number of text messages sent to your key word to help you know how much publicity you can  still do and to tell how much you are worth and what you are expecting to be paid by the GSM operators.

Step 3 – Choosing a VAS provider:  When starting your own short code business, choosing the right VAS provider is one critical decision you must make rightly. I want you to know that not all VAS providers are sincere. Some of them might try to cheat you. One way through which you can be cheated easily is when you don’t have access to their server where all the text messages goes to. Any good VAS provider should provide you with online statement to view text messages sent to your keyword address sent to your email.  That would help you avoid being cheated and help you to also know when your short code business is doing well or not.

Also, for the sharing formula and cost of short code the GSM operators usually take 60 to 75 percent of the money in most cases, the VAS providers would always lie about the real sharing formula. Anyway, don’t let that bother you. If I were you, the only thing that should be on my mind is how to get my own short code business running, after all, the money is FREE money from GSM subscribers. So take whatever you get. But don’t fail to take advantage of the opportunity now.

Step 4 – Packaging Your Short Code Business: I still need to emphasis on this all important aspect of the business. To many it sounds like just getting a short code and that’s all and you start making money. No-sir! That’s not all. Have you ever asked yourself, why would GSM subscribers send money to my short code? Are they fools? Of course they are not. So why would they like you so much that every GSM subscriber would just be texting your short code number just to give you N50 or N100 as the case may be? The answer is simple. They all want whatever it is that you promised to give away. Yes, that’s what they want and why they would be in a hurry to text to your short code.

And this could be a lot of work to put together, believe me. You must be able to discern what the subscribers want and would be willing to give away their money freely to you just like that. But guess what? The Japanese would say “Good thinking, good product”. That’s also one simple thing you can do. Why? It’s all about making a promise. If you understand what that means you will agree with me that’s it’s so simple.
While over one million people can send you money you can only give back whatever you promised to just few of them. Yes, you only promise to give 3 people for instance N100,000 each month as the winner of a quiz competition, while you give over one million people the opportunity to text in their answers to your quiz for a chance to be the one person you will give N100,000. Just by offering N100,000 to one person you can smile home with over N10 million as profit, think about that.

Marketing & Promoting Your Short Code Service:
This is actually where you win or lose in short code business. Its how many texts you received that determines how much you can get. The more people that know about your short code service the more money you can make. For example, if you are offering free scholarship to university students and you request for entries using a short code. You need to promote the service to your target audience. The more university students that know about it the better for you. I would advice that you hire a consultant to package your short code business for you. Even before you buy a short code hire a consultant. He will help you package the serviced and both of you can look at the potential and how much you need to invest to make it work.

Short Code Business Packaging:
You can hire someone to package your short code business for you and plan it out for you how it’s going to work best. It cost so little to hire someone to do that for you. For just N10,000 you can hire an expert to help you package a good money making short code idea. But first you must know how much you have to invest in your short code business, especially in marketing your short code service. There are several ways to market your short code service. But if you hire a good expert in this field he can help. One of my companies, Atmosphere Publishing Company has consultants you can hire. Their fee is N10,000 for 6 weeks consultation. They will help package your short code and help you launch it fast.

Visit:   or  Call : 08085370604

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