Author Topic: 11th Nov. 2011 at 11am, 11 mins & 11 sec, the time & date is  (Read 1718 times)


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11th Nov. 2011 at 11am, 11 minutes & 11 seconds, the time & date is

In other words, 11th years in this century, 11th month in this year, 11th day in this month, 11th hour in this day, 11th minute in this hour, 11th second in this hour.

Call it eleventh moment. It will never come again in our life. I extend my best wishes to you all as a friend extended this to me.

What does this date mean to you? Can you share?

Watch out for this exact moment and post your feelings below.

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It is a remarkable day cos, it won't happen until another 100yrs!

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