Author Topic: Useful Tips For Avoiding Unnecessary Spending This XMAS (For Single Guys)  (Read 954 times)


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Below are few tips to have a Merry Xmas and make it to 2012 financially healthy:

1. Flee from Persons with feminine appearances, except thy Mum.
2. Thou shall not make up with Ex-Babes, avoid their calls, pleas from their Best Friends, Pastors, Imams, Parents especially their Mums.
3. Thou shall not smile to Ladies you meet in the Banks, Shopping Malls and other Public Places where money changes hands.
4. Thou shall not keep a straight face when in a public transport; Thou shall not laugh at jokes especially if told by a Feminine Personality beside you.
5. Thou shall not plead, run after or solicit to have her back if she walks away from you angrily...just believe in the saying
"Agaracha must come back".
6. For those whose girl friends are so smart not to pick up quarrels with you; hmmm...try the 'first to complain method'. Complain about every single thing you can think of, Boko-Haram, GEJ, EFCC, Salty Food, Pressure from work, Economy, Subsidy Removal, Missing Remote Control (hide it if you can). Something must get her upset to start an early Xmas quarrel. :D

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