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File Name: StatPlanet - Interactive Data Visualization through Maps and Graphs
File Submitted: November 26, 2011, 08:37pm

StatPlanet Map Maker is a free program for creating highly interactive Flash maps which can be published online. A stand-alone offline version is also included.

Data can be imported automatically, so new interactive maps can be created within minutes. Maps are completely customizable.

StatPlanet can be used to create simple thematic maps as well as more advanced interactive infographics with different graph & chart options, multiple indicators, and a time slider with the option to animate both the map and the graph over time.

Supported map types are quantitative choropleth maps, qualititative (descriptive) maps and proportional symbol maps.

All map and interface colors can be customized. The included Excel-based data editor can be used to automatically import data from virtually any data source. No knowledge of Flash or programming is required.

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