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There is a site that recently came up and will be paying everyone that sign up,agreed to be receiving Text Messages on their Mobile Phone free of charge ( all country are accepted ) and post their referral link on one or more advertising site everyday.The site from what i have seen,will be bigger than Amazon and eBay very soon.Within a month,it had already gained more than One Hundred Thousand Members ( 100,000 ) and thousands are joining everyday.It was ranked among the first 1,000 sites on Alexa in its first week.
        You will be making 5cents ( $0.05 ) per each Text Message you received and you have the option of choosing the amount of text message you want to be receiving daily. You can choose from 1 to 5.each one is 5cents ( $0.05 ).The messages are completely free,you won't be charged anything by the site or your country phone network.You will also be earning bonuses if you post your referral link on any of the free advertising sites listed on it in order to gain referrals for yourself which will be earning you another 5cents ( $0.05 ) per each text message each of them received.You need to post the advert at least once in a day to get the bonus.It is a daily bonus.This task is called " Get The Word Out " on the site.
      You will see the guideline on how to post the ads as soon as you've registered and confirmed your account.It is very easy and can be done within two minutes.The advertising site you will use are already posted on the site,you only need to choose the one you prefer to use for that day.
  Regarding the Text Message,if you agree to be receiving up to 5 per day,you will be earning $0.25 ( 25cents ) daily.Monthly income will be $7.50.
        This is just the earning from receiving Text Messages.There is another earning for posting your referral link daily,you will also get paid for those that signed up through the link up to 10 level ( meaning,you will get paid for those your referrals referred ).There is another money for being a member and another for being active.

              You will be earning from :
1. Level 10 Power-Grid Compensation Plan.
2.Power Grid Bonuses from the sale of Coupons,Products or Services.
3.Power-Line Bonuses.
4.Power-Share Bonuses.
5.Power-Match Bonuses.
    Believe me,you can make up to $1,000 in a month on this site.It is 100% free and no hard task required from you before you can earn.

Like i mentioned earlier,all countries are accepted and each one is having at least five phone networks that they can use on this site.The officials had been working on this for the past two years.They want to be having members all over the world.There is no reason for you not to join up now.
  Apart from making money on the site,you can also purchase or shop on it and you will be giving 50% discount.It is having a Global Shopping Mall.
   The earlier you join now,the better.Doing this will place you among the top members which will be earning you good money because those that joined after you will be moved under you.This is another earning for you.the first payment will be on 23rd of December,2011 and there will be lot of method of payment that you can choose from.
The text messages you will be receiving are adverts from its sponsors.You need not act on them.
   By the way,you need to include the phone number you want to use and your address before you can be allowed full access to your " Back Office " which contains everything relating to you,earnings,referral record etc.Do not forget to activate your account by clicking the link sent to your email when you signed up.
      Like i mentioned earlier on this post,you need to sign up on time,be among the first that will be paid.

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