Author Topic: Best Ways to Promote Your Articles, Business, and Favorite Posts via Facebook  (Read 2711 times)


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Facebook isn't just for connecting with old friends, family members or coworkers. It is also a great forum to promote your business, articles, posts; your favorite articles/posts to build clientele and ultimately expand your web presence.

Step 1: Create a Facebook Account & Profile.
Facebook requires its accounts be connected to a person, so you can use the "About Me" section to describe your website posts and provide a link. Always include a photo, not only so that friends can find you, but because it makes the profile more appealing and valid (unlike spam ones).

Step 2: If you have written any article in or posted on or you have read and appreciate any post and would love to share it with your friends or Facebook friends. Just look at the top side of the post page. You will see “Share/Save Logo” which includes icons of different social network websites. Click on the Facebook icon, it will direct you to Facebook login; Sign in and share your favorite post. It will immediately be shared to your friends. 

Step 3: Communicate through Articles and Posts on
Tell people about your articles, businesses, posts through their walls. Every Facebook member has a wall; it is there to post a quick message, comment or ask a question. This acts much like a post-it note or text message! You can also use the email option on Facebook to communicate with friends.
Step 4: Status Updates and Conversations
Use your status box to get the word out about new posts or ideas featured on The InfoStride website. Provide direct links, photos and get the conversations going.

***Please Note:
•   The steps can also be applicable to other social network websites.
•   Ping FM with “P” icon at the side of post topic can also be used to simultaneously share posts to all social networks on ping at a click of a mouse. You need to register and integrate all your social networks.
•   Any article, news, or information posted on instantly gets to all our registered social networks. The cheapest way to share your opinions to the world.
•   Login or Register now to get your articles, businesses, and posts on the go!

This is easy and worth doing right now. Visit and share your favorite articles and posts now. You never know who will benefit with just a click.

Together; we can create freedom through information sharing and retrieval!

Share and Retrieve!

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Aren't these great!


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Aren't these great!

They are great! It's really helpful.


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No doubt! This is useful. Confirmed!

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