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2012 International Conference on Internet Security
« on: Dec 27, 2011, 05:44 PM »
With the advent of Internet of Things, there have been significant advances in the areas of computing, communication and control systems. The magnitude and impact of Internet of Things touches every aspect of human life as never before.

The cars we drive, the planes in which we fly, and the trains we travel have hundreds of vulnerable networked embedded computers. New security threats have emerged with growth of cloud computing, smart phones, internet enabled medical devices and smart energy

 Control systems. Tackling new security threats and preserving societal concord requires experts to rapidly develop “defend & repair” techniques. Furthermore, there is a need for holistic approaches to anchor integrating technical solutions in economics & social bases.

Secure IT, the first international conference on 'Security of Internet of Things' aims to bring together researchers, practitioners & “ethical hackers” for disseminating latest advances & security, best practices in cloud computing, mobile networks & cyber-physical control systems.

For registration details: SecureIT - First International conference on Security of Internet of Things - Home