Author Topic: Pastor Lies On Top Of Woman During Deliverance, Aren't They Taking This Too Far?  (Read 1504 times)


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The internet is rank with so much controversy about the healing and deliverance ministration of pastors, their healing techniques have seem to become the subject for critics, cynics and skeptics, the healing and deliverance  method of a very popular African Prophet by the Name TB Joshua of the synagogue church of all Nations, seems to have been the bone of contention for ages, as he stretches his hands and feet while healing without actual contact with the patient, the crux of the matter is that the people he ministers to jerk, shake wildly, and uncontrollably  rotate at the waving of his hands and feet- this has attracted so much reaction from his foes, but then to the skeptics who raise eyebrows at the healing methods of TB Joshua involving the stretching of hands, being anchored on some ungodly spirits what do you make of this deliverance method in the picture above, this is actually a deliverance session in progress as this pastor lies on this woman, is this what we should allow in comparison to stretching and laying of hands?...continue reading:

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Hmmm... l leave God to be the Judge. Only God know those are truly genuine.

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