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International Business and Logistics Programme (IBL)

Helsinki Metropolia University of Applied Sciences offers a full-time degree programme in International Business and Logistics (IBL) in English.
Why international business and logistics?

Business today is global. To prepare for a career in business, you must gain knowledge, experience and competence in generic skills together with specialised expertise. This degree programme is designed to meet these requirements. In addition, course content is delivered by experts with experience of international business. Many of these instructors are native speakers of English.

The next application period: 9 January - 14 February 2012
Entrance exam will be held in Finland on 18 April 2012

Visit:- Metropolia UAS - Apply - International Business and Logistics  for detail information.

For more information:
Anu Luoma
Programme Coordinator
International Degree Programmes
Tel. +358 (0) 207 835 561
Mob.+358 (0) 407 145 117
anu.v.luoma (a)

Source:- Helsinki Metropolia UAS - International Business and Logistics

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