Author Topic: Accomodation and Living for full time studies at Metropolia UAS  (Read 772 times)


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Accomodation and Living


Most the students who come to study at Metropolia live in the housing foundation HOAS’s apartments. HOAS rents accomodation for anyone undertaking full-time studies in a secondary level educational institution or university. Part of HOAS’s accommodation is reserved for international exchange students and researchers.

Hoas properties are divided into campus areas for different schools. Each campus area has several options for families, friends, and students applying alone. HOAS offers the housign according the student’s university campus area or within good traffic connections to the university.

You may apply by submitting an application at HOAS

Other housing possibilities

The City of Helsinki Real Estate Department:- City of Helsinki
VVO:- VVO - In English
SATO:- Homes in St.Petersburg - SATO
Tarveasunnot Oy:-

Source:- Accommodation and Living - Study guide - Helsinki Metropolia University of Applied Sciences

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