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AFP Foundation Professional Trainings in Journalism
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The AFP Foundation is a non-profit-making organisation set up by Agence France-Presse, one of the three global news agencies. Its primary aim is to provide training to journalists in developing countries.

The Foundation has a distinct identity under French law and operates with its own budget. Its administrators and most of its trainers are experienced journalists working on secondment from the parent agency.

The AFP Foundation was set up in July 2007; since then, more than 1200 journalists have taken part in close to 40 training courses it has run in developing countries.

The Foundation exists in the belief that free, independent and responsible media can help people make informed decisions about their lives and thus help reduce poverty, promote development and defend human rights.

AFP Foundation professional trainings are therefore aimed at raising journalists’ professional standards in accordance with its code of conduct. The trainings are most of the time a component of a development aid program.

The philosophy underlying our work is that those who benefit from training should be able to pass on what they have learned to their colleagues and to younger generations.

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