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Job Title: Rule of Law and Anticorruption Expert

Job Code: AFR-01.01

Location: Worldwide

Organisation: Tetra Tech DPK

Tetra Tech DPK is seeking senior rule of law and anticorruption experts for short-term and long-term consulting opportunities on anticipated USAID and other donor-funded projects worldwide.


•   Minimum of 10 years of relevant professional experience and at least 5 years of international experience

•   Justice sector and legislative strengthening, including ethics codes and discipline

•   Court administration/automation

•   Alternative dispute resolution legal/judicial training

•   Commercial law and contract enforcement

•   Increasing transparency and accountability in public financial, administrative and regulatory measures, including parliamentary oversight

•   Track Financial management, audit, internal controls including tax and customs reform, public procurement processes, and public expenditure monitoring

•   Capacity building of financial crimes investigation, prosecution, oversight agencies

•   Anticorruption legislative reforms (i.e. disclosure, whistleblower, freedom of information)

•   Civil society advocacy and oversight relating to government integrity, including anticorruption education campaigns, and political party and electoral reforms

•   Promoting and facilitating business registration; and

•   Incorporation of anticorruption promotion into other sectoral/sub-sectoral areas, such as health and education, corporate governance, or into key aspects of democracy promotion such as rule of law, legislative oversight or local government/political party strengthening

•   Law degree or advanced degree in related subject

•   Associated language skills preferred

How to Apply:

Please submit a cover letter with salary requirements and resume to jobs @

Download the following for your application:

•   Bio-Data

•   Biodata Form

•   Tt DPK Employment Application

Applications that do not meet the minimum requirements listed above will not be considered. No phone calls, please.

Rule of Law and Anticorruption Expert Job (AFR-01.01)

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