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We urgently need a proficient ASP.NET Programmer with C# on a small Project, the applicant must possess atleast 2-3 Years experience in Web Application Development with C#, must also have prove of projects that as been developed to showcase to us

Project Development Overview
1. APPLICATION: Application will be developed fully in ASP.NET, With full HTML output format
2. WEB SERVICE: The Web service will be an ASP.NET (VB code) webservice, enabling the application maximize the benefit of the Windows server hosting to give maximum speed, performance and functionality.
3. DATABASE: The Database shall be SYBASE database, to enable the use of Stored procedures for faster response time of the application
4. DEVELOPMENT METHODOLOGY: 3-Tier Web Application. Three-tier architecture refers to separating the application process into three specific layers

If you can deliver project with a professional standardized concepts, then we guarantee you lots of Projects on the way which as been approved but yet to be deployed

Project Delievery Duration: 3 Weeks

Send your CVto or

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