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New Improvement on Homepage
« on: Feb 08, 2012, 03:22 PM »
[float=left][/float] In response to the yearnings and wishes of our members and visitors who sent us feedback and recommendation about outloook, we are glad to inform you of the recent updates.

There have been a lot of improvement to the homepage and the website ( as whole. The following are notable areas treated:
- jQuery Content Slider which features five hottest news of the moment with images and link to read the full news.
- Specially designed jQuery Tabs that feature sections of our websites in which you can easily access most recent updates and also for other sections just with a click.
- Easily access our Facebook Fan page and Twitter updates.
- And many more...
- Newly improved search tool through you can search the contents of our website directly, through Google or Bing.

"I really love the new interface! It is cool and simple. More so, easily navigable" says one of our members.

It is a continuous process... Our priority is to offer you the best of all. Stay tuned!

Please visit The InfoStride - News and Information Portal and explore it.

Your comments and feedbacks will be appreciated. Thank you.

Re: New Improvement on Homepage
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The new interface is cool and more users-friendly. I like it. It makes it easier to explore the whole website without much navigation issue.


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Re: New Improvement on Homepage
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Kudos to The InfoStride Team. I always appreciate your improvement. You always bring new touch and attraction to the website. Keep it up... Keep it rolling....