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Job Title: Electronic Media Officer

Location: Abeokuta, Nigeria

Organisation: Olusegun Obasanjo Presidential Library Foundation (OOPL)


•   Will be responsible for the management of the electronic media archive of the OOPL

•   Review of media materials like video tapes. DVDs, VCDs, HDV tapes, Hard Disk materials for integrity

•   Supervision of logging activities of video tapes, DVDs, VCDs. HDV tapes Contribute to the development of diverse documentaries for the OOPL


•   Any degree, ND or relevant certification

•   3-7 years experience in a similar station

•   Not more than 35 years of age

•   Must be literate in computer library/Archiving software and applications

•   Ability to reason conceptually and be effective in a team is important

Note: Applicants must be team players, dynamic and require minimal supervision.

How to apply:

Apply with your cover letter and CV. Address your letter to the Administrative Office, OOPL Foundation, Abeokuta.

OOPL Project Office,

P.O. Box 2066 Sapon,


Ogun State.

Or submit your application online below.

Deadline: 21 February 2012.

Electronic Media Officer Job