Author Topic: University of Calabar 26th Convocation Ceremony Holds on March 1  (Read 3194 times)


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The 26th convocation Ceremony of the University of Calabar is hereby announced for the benefit of the general public and for graduands of this University. The ceremony which is for graduates of the 2009/2010 session is as follows:

Thursday 1st March, 2012
Convocation lecture by:
Prof Pai Obanya

“21ST Century Higher Education in Nigeria and skills Acquisition: The issue of curriculum”.
Venue: Faculty of Arts Auditorium
Time: 3.00 pm

Command Performance
Venue: Faculty of Arts Auditorium
Time: 7.00 pm

Friday, 2nd March, 2012
Convocation for the Award of first Degrees, Diplomas and Award of prizes for Academic performance.
Venue:  Abraham Ordia Stadium University of Calabar.
Time: 10.00am

Saturday 3rd March, 2012
Convocation for the award of Post Graduate Diploma, Masters Degree and Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D)
Venue: Abraham Ordia Stadium, University of Calabar
Time: 10.00am.
(a).   Academic Gowns
Gowns to be obtained from the Faculty Officer of relevant Faculties
on the payment of a deposit of N2,000.00. A refund of N1, 000.00 will be made on return of the gowns. Gowns not returned by 9th March, 2012 will attract a fine of N1,000.00 per day.
For Graduate School Graduands, the following will apply.
1.   Outright purchase of Academic Gowns
a)   Ph.D:
New gowns =   N25,000.00 each
Old gowns   =   N21,000.00 each

b)   Masters:
New gowns, only N17,000.00 each
2.   Hiring of Academic Gowns
Old gowns, only    N8,000.00 each
Please note that all academic gowns hired form the Graduate School must be returned within seven (7) days from the date of the convocation.  Defaulters will be sanctioned as appropriate

(b)   Invitation Cards for Parents/Guardians
Two invitations cards per graduand will be issued by the Faculty officer
Each Graduand is entitled to two guests.

(c)   Procession
Graduands should robe and join the procession in their various
Faculties. Graduands who do not robe will not be allowed into the
convocation grounds. Photographers will not be allowed at the
procession. All photographs will be after the convocation.

(d)   Prizes & Awards
Prizes and Awards will be announced during the convocation.
Recipients will collect their awards/prize value on presentation of a letter
of award at the University Bursary.

(e)   Alumni Membership Registration
Graduands will be expected to complete registration forms for alumni
membership from their Faculty Officers and pay membership
registration fee.

The University of Calabar Administration looks forward to welcoming all
her well wishers to the Convocation Ceremonies.

For more information please contact our website: Welcome to University of Calabar

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