Author Topic: New Technology: Jean with laptop, built-in keyboard, mouse and speakers (PHOTOS)  (Read 499 times)


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If you struggle to spend more than a few moments away from your computer then a new invention could be for you.

That's because a pair of Dutch inventors have developed a set of jeans that give a whole new meaning to the phrase 'laptop'.

The jeans, known as Beauty and the Geek, come with a fully functional keyboard, mouse and speakers integrated into the upper leg of the fabric and are the idea of design company Nieuwe Heren, run by Erik de Nijs and Tim Smit.

The duo handmade the trousers themselves and they are designed to give a user ease of movement while still being in control of the computer.

'They’re not that heavy,' de Nijs told WebProNews. 'With the flexible keyboard, small speakers, and small mouse, they are only a little bit heavier than your regular jeans.'

He added: 'The idea was that you could log in to your computer and control it without sitting in a closed environment behind your desk.'

The jeans are of a modern style and have a back pocket that has been specially designed to cover the mouse, which uses an elastic wire to stay attached.

They stay connected to the laptop via wireless technology in a USB device and are expected to retail at around £250 - if they ever make it onto the market.

De Nijs added: 'The whole project is too complex and we don’t have enough money right now to get it ready for the market.'

More pictures below:

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