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Brunel Energy provides specialist personnel to the international oil & gas, petrochemical, power generation and construction industries. The following vacancy currently exist at Brunel Energy:

Job Title: Head of Wellhead Platform
Job number: 29929

Job description:
The SERVICE consists of managing under the responsibility of the Production Support Facilities Manager, the EPCC Contract the new wellheads platforms of Field associated bridges and OFQ Jacket, remaining within the agreed budget, schedule for completion and Statement of Requirements

b) Specific Activities:
1. To prepare EPCC Contract in accordance with Project Plan, and negotiate Contracts in accordance with Contract.
2. To monitor and control Contractors achievements in accordance with contractual requirements in areas such as safety, technical requirements, cost, planning, etc…
3. To establish a supervision team which is highly motivated and works diligently to meet Statement of Requirements.
4. To ensure safe working practices are carried out within the project team
5. To ensure the adequate and timely reporting to the Production Support Facilities Manager
6. To liaise with other packages manager
7. to participate to the definition of the organization required to ensure technical coordination and quality control
8. To ensure the fit for purpose, the operability, maintainability and reliability of the facilities design

1.2 The SERVICE shall be performed in Nigeria, in Lagos area, in COMPANY offices and/or EPC contractor’s offices and/or Construction yards as applicable.
Missions may be required by COMPANY outside the normal working area to other locations worldwide.

Brunel consultant:
Adelaida Ures Aran
+ 47 94 85 10 02

Click here for further information and application online.

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Re: Brunel Energy Nigeria Jobs: Head of Wellhead Platform
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Apply for this position in time if interested and qualified because it can close anytime from now.

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Re: Brunel Energy Nigeria Jobs: Head of Wellhead Platform
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