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Brunel Energy provides specialist personnel to the international oil & gas, petrochemical, power generation and construction industries. The following vacancy currently exist at Brunel Energy:

Job Title: Inspection RBI Engineering Services
Job number: 30290
Location: Lagos Nigeria

Job description

1. Ensure, under the leadership of the Inspection Engineer, that Risk based Inspection (RBI) approach is developed for all static equipment e.g. Vessels, Piping & PSV according to Group’s rules
2. Liaise with HQ and IST and ensure that FAME+ software is installed on Project server and made available to all USAN users
3. Ensure that the local authority (DPR) is carried along in the implementation of RBI for Project static equipment. Shall be responsible for collating all data that will be required for getting final approval from DPR for the use of RBI/FAME+ for Project static equipment
4. Follow the activities of MIEC in the implementation of FAME+
5. Participate to Offshore Inspection organization procedures and workflows issuance


6. Ensures the updating/review of the RBI software and database
7. Conducts RBI studies for plant process equipment.
8. Provide data and information for use with Government Partners ( e.g. DPR in order to secure approvals) in the case of major modifications to the RBI methodology
9. Performs annual process analysis reviews and re-initiates inspection programs after every major inspection
10. Maintain accurate RBI database & software
11. Issue inspection programs for all plant process equipment, PSV, piping.
12. Review (first level) RBI Programmes & Studies
13.Integrates new modifications/modules in the plant into the RBI software and database


•   Is the KEY user for project FAME+
•   Ensure auditable Integrity management system of facilities in order to meet TOTAL Group specifications on integrity management and conform to national legislation.
•   Ensure physical and functional integrity of static equipment in order to achieve operational safety of the plant.
•   Ensure statutory integrity compliance of production assets so as to secure approvals/waivers from Government Partners.
•   Optimize inspection strategy so as to focus efforts and resources on the most critical equipment in the plant.
•   Availability of previous inspection data and history.
•   Regular communication with process & production

Job requirements:
Qualification: Appropriate Mechanical, Chemical, Metallurgical & material or Corrosion Engineering degree.

Professional Experience (number of years): Minimum 5 years experience in Facility inspection

Brunel consultant:
Thomas Javicoli +33 1 72 75 73 51.

Click here for further information and application online.

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Apply for this position in time if interested and qualified because it can close anytime from now.

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