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Facts! Some of the lessons I have learnt in Life...
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The post below are some things a friend of mine wrote about that he learnt in life, which are peculiar to me. So, l thought it would be nice to share it on this forum. It might help someone as well.

1. There are too many mediocre things in career and my love life shouldn't be one of them

2. I have learnt not to expect too much from people, I always have it in mind that we are all humans...this is the real world and there are no super humans like Clark Kent!

3. You dont know who truly loves you...all you can do is love people as much as you can and hope they love you back in return.

4. Life is always beautiful...if you let it.

5. There are always things to be grateful for, no matter how bad things look.

6. Life is a solo'll have many passengers travelling with you , but most times you travel together for just a short while.

7. To move ahead in life, you have to let some people out of your life, even if they are family

8. WORDS are hugely POWERFUL, one bad comment can ruin a person's life forever.

9. I can't live my life alone, no man is an island.

10. Its much more easier to gain weight and most difficult to loose it

11. Debt in whatever form is never a good thing, the weight is forever there on our shoulders

12. One of the best things in life is accidentally hearing someone say a nice thing about you.

13. Nature is beautiful..watching the day break is an unexplainable beautiful miracle...watching the stars at night is calming...

14. God is MEGA- CREATIVE...Nature and I are perfect examples!