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            This is a Social Networking site that is having nine ( 9 ) compensation plans that members can earn money from.Almost all its members are making $100 plus within two weeks.It is a Social Networking site that launched in April 2011 and had been getting a lot stronger since then.The site was created and registered in United Kingdom,meaning the owner and officials are based in United Kingdom.The registration number is 5866222 l VAT GB920294344.It is currently having Two Hundred and Twenty Thousands,Three Hundred and Four ( 220,304 ) members.


              If you haven't earn anything at all online or what you are earning isn't up to what you want or you want to earn more online,signing up for this site is the best and only solution.If you check the nine opportunities available on the site that members are earning from,you will know,you cannot lose.Your time won't be a waste because you will surely earn money within a short time.

              The owner of the site is also having another Social Networking which had been in operation since the last two years and is paying members every month without problem.I have never trust any other site the way i trust this one.You will never lose your time on it.More so,you will meet other people like you who are earning or wants to be earning money online.You can share ideas with each other and increase your earnings online.Whatever help you need,they will be there to help you out.

                             Below are the nine compensation plan of the site :

1.$15 Fast Start Bonus.

                You will be paid $15 for every new people you bring in to the site,that joined through your referral link.The new referral must be a Gold member.

2.Residual Personal Referral Bonus.

          You will be paid $2.50 every month starting from the second month that those you referred to the site joined up.The money is for referring them and they must remain a Gold member for you to get this money.Each of them will be earning you $2.50 every month for life.

3. Social Multi - Level 3 X 10 Forced Matrix.


                                       This is another earning opportunity on the site.It is a Matrix plan where you will be paid for everyone that are moved under you on the site.They may be those you personally referred to the site or not.Let's say,you join the site today and become a Gold member,you will be placed on a line.those that joined after you will be moved below you in that line.

     Note :

                 The rules and policy of the site states that,each Gold member can only have 3 members directly placed under them.If there are excesses,they will be moved under those first three that had been placed under the member at the top.Each three member placed under you will be earning you $2,that is $6 for the three of them.

    You will be paid $24.75 when those three people had,had three people placed under each of them too.Each of the three people will earn $6 and you,that is at the top will earn $24.75.

                $6 is the payment for filling the first Level Matrix Position with three people while $24.75 is the payment for filling the second Level Matrix Position with nine people.That is,each of the three people directly placed under you had,had three people too placed under everyone of them.The three people or member will earn and you too will also earn.Immediately the three member had,had three people placed under them,you will be moved to the second level in the Matrix position and you will be paid the $24.75.

                    Third Matrix Level will earn you $33.75


                    Fourth Matrix Level will earn you $81.00

                    Fifth Matrix Level will earn you $121.50

                    Sixth Matrix Level will earn you $364.50

                    Seventh Matrix Level will earn you $1,093.50

                    Eight Matrix Level will earn you $3,280.50


                    Ninth Matrix Level will earn you $9,841.50

                    Tenth Matrix Level will earn you $88,573.50

                              Total commission if your whole Tenth Matrix Position is filled up will be $103,420.

     For you to get to the third Matrix Level or Position,all the new people must had,had three people placed under each of them too.This will go on and on until you are able to reach level 10.

             It is not necessary that,those placed under each member are directly their referral.If you join up now,any new member that join after you will be placed under you.Meaning the site will help you get people placed in your Matrix position,so that you can move up.

    It is better if you work towards getting people moved under you by yourself because you will be paid $15 in the first month they joined and become Gold member and $2.50 starting from the second month.All these  earnings will be missed if you relax and expect the site to get people for your Matrix Position.


  Remember,you can still earn if you cannot refer new people.Each new member placed under you by the site in the Matrix program will earn you $2.If you personally refer the member,you will be paid $15 + $2 in the first month and $2.50 in the second month,totally $19.50.Can you see the difference now.It is really profitable if you work towards getting people under your Matrix Position,yourself.

    Your upline,that is the person that referred you to the site can also get people moved under you if his or her own First Level Matrix Position had been filled up with three people.Anyone that he or she referred thereafter,will be placed under the person he also referred that hadn't filled his or her position with three people.He will only be paid the $15 referral bonus for the first month and $2 in the month that followed.

4. Gold Evangelist Bonus Pool.

                        This is another compensation plan of the site.You will be paid a share of this bonus pool if you help other people to upgrade to Gold Membership.It is not necessary to be those you referred,all you have to do is,post in their profile walls your message advising then to get a Gold Membership.The word " Gold " must be used and no url or link are allowed in that message.The officials of the site will track you and pay you the bonus if the person you sent the message to,upgraded within one month of sending the message.The message must be posted on the person's Profile Wall and not through e-mail address.

5.Community Participation Bonuses.

                          This is the earning you will be getting when you socialize on the site.Posting comments,liking comments,adding friends,commenting photos,sending messages will be earning you this bonus.It will be added to your other earnings.

6. Power Play Pacesetter Bonuses



                   This bonus is for those members who brings in 100 or more Gold Member to the site in a month.The hundred people must be their personally referred referrals.Earnings from this usually start from $2,500.

7. 100% Matching Bonuses on Fast Start.



8.100% Matching Bonus on Residual Personal Referral Bonuses for 32 weeks.

                            These two bonuses are for those who helped their referral become a 4 - Star Associate.You as a leader must help your referrals to become one.When they do,you will be compensated accordingly.

    A leader is someone who is a 4 - Star or 5 - Star member of this site.To be a leader or 4 or 5 Star Associate or Member,you need to personally refer 10 Gold member.If you help your referrals to become a leader,you will be earning 100% of their Matching Bonus on Fast Start and Residual Personal Referral Bonus for 32 weeks.

    If you referred Bobby and helped him refer 10 people to the site,he will become a leader.The $15 referral bonus he is being paid for referring new people will also be paid to you.You will be earning 100% of what Bobby earns for referring new people for 32 weeks.Your referral success is also your success.


9. Gaining Visibility For Your Own Opportunities.


                             This means,you will be helped in getting whatever other programs or sites you are working on advertised to thousands of people for free.The best advertising method will be available for you.

      From the above,you can see that being a member of this site is highly profitable.It is really easy to earn thousands of dollars in a week from it.If you cannot get referrals,do not worry,i will get that for you.Remember,your success is also mine.

    You need to sign up now and get the Gold membership because the earlier you join,the faster your earnings will be.I am gonna do everything humanly possible to promote this site to people and i want to have thousand of people under me.If you join now,you will earn from those i will be referring and i will be able to include or give them your referral link too,to sign up under you.Remember,i only need three people under me,the rest will be moved under my referrals.Sign up and be my referral now,so that you will be placed at the top which will guarantee earning fast from those i referred.I have up to twenty forum sites i can use to promote this site.There are social sites too and other ways i can use to advertise this site.It is an amazing site and i love it.If you really want to earn online,you gotta join now.

     Remember,all these earnings will be yours if you sign up and become a " Gold " member.This membership will cost you $29.95 ( that is $30 ). This money will earn you Hundreds of Dollars within two weeks ( check the compensation plan again to confirm this.With those plans,you cannot lose your money ).People are rushing to the site everyday.If you sign up on time,they will be moved under you which is money.

                                                   Click This Link or Copy It To Your Browser To Sign Up - The social network for network marketers. -

                     You can ask for payment anytime,any day,so far you have $25 in your account balance.The payment will be done through your Alertpay account and Postal Check.You should know that,it doesn't matter if your Alertpay account is verified or not,you will surely get paid.

        If you don't know what Alertpay is,how to create or open it,fund it and withdraw money from it,click or copy this link to your browser and read all you need to know about it :


                                                Learn How To Make Lot Of Money Online For Free.: Read This Post To Know The Facts About Alertpay.Like Creating An Account,Verifying,Funding,Withdrawing Money Out From It,How To Keep It Save & Prevent Loosing Money To Online Hackers,As Well As,Why It Is The Safest Method Of Payment On Net.

       For quick sign up for the Alertpay account,click or copy this link to your browser to sign up now :



    If you have anything to ask me,do get in touch by writing me through - or my Mobile number - 08037409708.         

 Important Note :

                       You will be wasting your time if you only sign up and expect to be making money from this site.It is important you upgrade with $29.95 which you can pay through Alertpay or Credit Card.Upgrading will give you the chance to be making more than $1,000 in a month if you are really active.It is having nine ( 9 ) compensation plans that will be earning you good money every month.It is good enough to be your main source of life income.

   What you need to do to upgrade your account is :

                        Sign up for Alertpay account if you don't have one.Click this link to do that -

Choose Personal Starter Account Type to avoid transaction fees.Keep your Password,Transaction Pin safe.You will need them whenever you want to access the account.Make sure,you activate the account by clicking the activation link that will be sent to your email.

  After you've done this,go to site is an ecurrency exchanger site in Nigeria.Ecurrency exchangers are the people that will get money into your Internet accounts.You give them naira and they will give you online dollars into your Alertpay and other online accounts.

        Bestnairaexchange is the one i am using,honest and fast services.You need to call the owner first on - 08034653622 and ask if Alertpay dollars is available and the rate in Naira.The last time i bought Alertpay Dollars,i paid N6,000 to GTBank of the exchanger and i was given $32.
              If you are on Yahoo Messenger,add him to your contact list through " uugo_best " . This man is an honest man,you have nothing to fear dealing with him.Do call him up,ask some questions to confirm this.

  The Alertpay money will be sent to your account immediately the exchanger received your payment alert.The exchanger may ask you to upload some documents to verify yourself as a customer,tell him,charlly007 referred you to him.

  As soon as you have made the payment to the exchanger GTBank,send a text to him that will contain " Your Name,Amount Paid,Bank and Account Paid to,Teller Number,Your Alertpay email ( which is your account number ) and purpose or what you want ( to fund your Alertpay account ). Immediately he sees this,he will attend to your transaction.

     You can give him five or ten minutes to do this and then call him to ask if it has been done.Then,go to your Alertpay and confirm that.The next thing is to return to the social site and look for upgrade link.Click on it and choose the $29.95 link.This will take you to your Alertpay account,log in and make the payment.You do not need to worry about who you are making the payment to because everything will be there.

                           When making the payment,take note of these :

1. Choose " Use Your Balance ".

2. No Shipping Address.

3. Enter Your Transaction Pin when needed.

4. Click submit.

                                       That is it.

The next thing is to search for me on the site through ( Charles Aladesiun ) and send your referral link to help you promote it.One referral will earn you $15.I already got 30 referrals and only three are placed directly under me,rest are shared with my referrals.Act fast to start earning fast from my effort.

     I will also teach you how to refer people to this site and other programs you are working on for free.You will get the referral link by clicking Promo Tool link on the site.Copy the link and sent it to me on the site as a message.

                                                    You can as well get in touch with me or chat with me by adding me to your :

1. Facebook - charlly008

2. Yahoo Messenger - aladcharlly1543

3. Skype - charlly005.

                   I am always online.


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