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Meanings of mother in different languages
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1.   mother is 'ma' in 'Afrikaans'
2.   mother is 'nënë' in 'Albanian'
3.   mother is 'ف. دلع, دلل, أحدث, ولد' in 'Arabic'
4.   mother is 'أ. أم, والدة, حنان الامومة, مصدر' in 'Arabic'
5.   mother is 'ana' in 'Azerbaijani'
6.   mother is 'ama' in 'Basque'
7.   mother is 'маці' in 'Belarusian'
8.   mother is 'মা' in 'Bengali'
9.   mother is 'Майка' in 'Bulgarian'
10.   mother is 'mare' in 'Catalan'
11.   mother is '母亲' in 'Chinese (Simplified)'
12.   mother is '母親' in 'Chinese (Traditional)'
13.   mother is 'majka' in 'Croatian'
14.   mother is 'Matka' in 'Czech'
15.   mother is 'Mor, moder' in 'Danish'
16.   mother is 'moeder' in 'Dutch'
17.   mother is 'mother' in 'English'
18.   mother is 'patrino' in 'Esperanto'
19.   mother is 'ema' in 'Estonia'
20.   mother is 'ina' in 'Filipino'
21.   mother is 'Äiti' in 'Finnish'
22.   mother is 'mère; maman' in 'French'
23.   mother is 'nai' in 'Galician'
24.   mother is 'დედა' in 'Georgian'
25.   mother is 'Mutter' in 'German'
26.   mother is 'μητέρα' in 'Greek'
27.   mother is 'મા' in 'Gujarati'
28.   mother is 'manman' in 'Haitian Creole'
29.   mother is 'אמא' in 'Hebrew'
30.   mother is 'माँ' in 'Hindi'
31.   mother is 'Anya' in 'Hungarian'
32.   mother is 'móðir' in 'Icelandic'
33.   mother is 'ibu' in 'Indonesian'
34.   mother is 'mháthair' in 'Irish'
35.   mother is 'madre' in 'Italian'
36.   mother is '母, 実母, 母親' in 'Japanese'
37.   mother is 'ತಾಯಿ' in 'Kannada'
38.   mother is '어머니' in 'Korean'
39.   mother is 'mater' in 'Latin'
40.   mother is 'māte' in 'Latvian'
41.   mother is 'motina' in 'Lithunian'
42.   mother is 'мајка' in 'Macedonian'
43.   mother is 'ibu' in 'Malay'
44.   mother is 'omm' in 'Maltese'
45.   mother is 'mor, mamma' in 'Norwegian'
46.   mother is 'مادر' in 'Persian'
47.   mother is 'Matka' in 'Polish'
48.   mother is 'mãe' in 'Portuguese'
49.   mother is 'Mama' in 'Romanian'
50.   mother is 'мать, мама, матушка, мамаша' in 'Russian'
51.   mother is 'Majka' in 'Serbian'
52.   mother is 'matka' in 'Slovak'
53.   mother is 'Mati' in 'Slovenia'
54.   mother is 'madre, mamá' in 'Spanish'
55.   mother is 'mama' in 'Swahili'
56.   mother is 'moder; mamma, mor' in 'Swedish'
57.   mother is 'தாய்' in 'Tamil'
58.   mother is 'తల్లి' in 'Telugu'
59.   mother is 'แม่' in 'Thai'
60.   mother is 'anne, ana, valide' in 'Turkish'
61.   mother is 'Мати' in 'Ukrainian'
62.   mother is 'ماں' in 'Urdu'
63.   mother is 'mẹ' in 'Vietnamese'
64.   mother is 'fam' in 'Welsh'
65.   mother is 'מוטער' in 'Yiddish'
66.   mother is 'Iya' in 'Yoruba'

While saying happy mother's day to all women, please add your own language meaning of mother...

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Nice post! Mothers deserve the best! Kiitos aiti :)