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Connect and browse the internet for only $3
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The internet has been a source of information right from inception. A lot of people world wide perform all there daily activities on the internet. Internet has helped a lot to bring together people from various corners of the world sharing the same interest, be that a faith, art, hobby or sharing the process of recovery from a rare disease. It has helped people to set-up Home Office and show-case their talent to the world through Internet sites. I tell my friends that do not let your age inhibit you from using a Computer , enhance your life's quality with a powerful Internet connection, reach out and earn rewarding friendships and knowledge !! Here in Nigeria, a lot of people cannot afford to pay for the high internet subscriptions from our local tele-communication companies that charge exorbitant amount to get you and I connected to the internet. There fore, a need for cheap affordable and durable internet connection comes to play a role.

After my rigorous research, I came to a conclusion that there must be a way out; a cheap way to browse the internet from the comfort of your home or office if you have a laptop or desktop. I found a company that I am using up till date. I pay only $3 per month to browse the internet and the speed is like a broadband and they accept liberty reserve.

Now, maybe you have been carrying your laptops from one cyber cafe or another for the sake of accessing the internet which they charge you high, with the software that you download from this company, you will start browsing the internet almost free starting today. Or your subscriptions has expired or about to expire, this is an opportunity for you. I have seen countless of friend waste there hard earn money on cyber cafes chatting and face booking, even those that does there businesses online still don’t have connection at home, this could be the opportunity you have been waiting for. Maybe you have come across some software claiming you can browse free, please don’t be deceived, they don’t work!! Pay for this cheap one I am giving you, and satisfaction will be guaranteed!

This is how it works: before applying for the plans:
- you must have a laptop or desktop
- you must have a usb modem
- you must have money in your libertyreserve account atleast $3 if you don’t you can as well fund it with

Then register with the company, they will provide you with a password. It take 20-30mins to arrive to mail. Then download the java software and another php software takes 4min and enter the settings given to you to configure. You can use etisalat or glo networks, but mtn,multilinks and swifts are also included.

Then insert your USB modem to your computer and connect and start accessing the internet.
Note: you will be given 8gig of data per month by the company which I know you cannot finish it. The browsing speed is 250mbps

Ok, I know you would like to ask, how much is this going to cost? Well, I have decided to give it out for N4000, but later change my mind cause I want everybody to be connected online so the next price go’s  for N2500. so with N2500 you will surely have my high speed internet software

Payment details:

ACCOUNT NO: 0004051568
After payment, send your name and email and I will send the ebook ASAP

To your success
Ndubuisi onuigbo

Re: Connect and browse the internet for only $3
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I can see you want people to pay you first to get that information.I will say N1000 should have been much better than what you are asking for right now.What if this did not work.