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Job Title: Offshore Construction Site Representative
Job Id: WTVN01404
Location: Lagos, Nigeria

Company Profile: An independent International Oil and Gas Company operating in West Africa.

Terms & Conditions Offshore Construction Site Representative

* Work schedule: 28:28 days.
* Initially 12 months (Option to extend)
* For this position, preference will be given to Nigerian nationals. In case Expatriate candidate(s) are selected it is a prerequisite he/she is tasked to mentor and train a Nigerian understudy.l

Job Description:
* Strong interpersonal skills are essential, for dealing with a broad spectrum of cultural and organisational styles, as well as being able to fit in as a team player.

* Fit and fully mobile, so as to maintain the supervision at the various locations where activities related to the work will be carried out.

* A self starter, able to plan and work his own way forwards at locations remote from COMPANY project engineering and engineering management staff.

* Proven experience of supervising and coordinating the activities of a team of a multi-discipline construction supervision team.

* Must be able to exercise relevant construction / installation judgement ensuring success of the assigned projects.

* Proven track record in managing multicultural situations.

Job description

The responsibilities of Construction Site Representative position include but are not limited to the following:

* Assist in constructability reviews and the planning and scheduling of construction jobs.

* Close Liaison with contractors and their sub-contractors, ensuring all permits to work are in place.

* Monitor the overall progress of the contractors against schedule, providing reporting on same to line management, highlighting the potential for slippage and propose remedial actions and signing contractor daily reports.

* Ensure Projects are completed and handed over on schedule.

* Review Contractor’s quality plan with Company appointed 3rd party inspector, ensure compliance with the agreed quality plan

* Prepare project close out and “lessons learnt” reports.

* Implement Company HSE Plans, conduct audits and inspections to ensure compliance

* Review construction contractors' work procedures; assess contractors' personnel and equipment for suitability for the work.

* Ensure that contractors maintain adequate records for all inspection and testing carried out.

* Participate, with contractors' staff and COMPANY Operations staff, in all pre- commissioning activities.

* Control COMPANY supplied material issues to contractors, ensuring that any surplus is accounted for.

* Maintain adequate records relating to events surrounding the work, which may give rise to contractors claiming for a cost increase against contract. Contribute to project close out reports as applicable.

* Carry out all construction and fabrication supervision / monitoring activities required for the successful delivery of the Contracts assigned.

* Comply with Company procedures and reporting requirements.

* Implement Company HSE policies and Contract HSE requirement.

* Participate in Job Hazard Analyses and Attend safety toolbox meetings on a regular basis with contractors' work teams.

* Liaise with others and supervise materials identification and co-ordination of supply to work sites, ensure adequate inspection and testing is carried out, ensure as-built drawings are produced by contractors where they are contractually obliged to prepare same

* Ensure Contractors have viable schedules for their work, recognizing interfaces with other ongoing COMPANY activities.

How to apply

Visit this link to apply online: Vacancy Offshore Construction Site Representative  - WTS Energy

Deadline: 17 May 2012.

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