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Princeton University is one the US universities that offer Need-Blind admission financial aids.

There is no question that a private college education is costly, and many families are concerned about meeting these expenses. But as costs rise, Princeton’s financial aid program has more than kept pace. In fact, our commitment to helping students afford Princeton has never been stronger.

To support this commitment, we have developed one of the best need-based financial aid programs in the country. We actively encourage all qualified applicants to consider Princeton, regardless of whether they can afford the full cost of attending. There is no disadvantage in the admission process for financial aid applicants, ensuring equality of opportunity for low and middle income students. If admitted, applicants can be confident that their full financial need as determined by Princeton’s aid office will be met.

Financial Aid without Loans

Princeton has a long history of making our educational opportunity available to all qualified students. For more than three decades, we've considered students for admission to Princeton without concern over their families' ability to pay — and offered aid to cover 100 percent of each admitted student’s need.

In 2001 the University implemented a variety of financial aid improvements to create the best possible need-based aid program. Central to this program is our groundbreaking "no loan" policy; Princeton was the first university to offer every aid recipient a financial aid package that replaces loans with grant aid (scholarships) that students do not pay back.

Since 2001, Princeton has been able to enroll growing numbers of students from low- and middle-income backgrounds with the grant aid they need to make our costs affordable. The change on campus becomes more noticeable each year as we welcome an increasingly diverse student body.

Learn More about Financial Aid at Princeton

As you consider college options, start by learning more about the cost of attending Princeton and how our aid program works. You can even get an idea of how much aid you might receive by using the Princeton Financial Aid Estimator. For more detailed information, consult the Undergraduate Financial Aid Information and Application Instructions.

For more information: Princeton University | Costs & Financial Aid

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