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Help Her Know Her Father
« on: Apr 12, 2012, 02:42 PM »
Her name is Ololade, her sisters name is Kemi, the names curled from the two elder sister of her father, she is currently staying in the northern part of Nigeria, and her father’s name is Shole Babatunde from Abeokuta, Ogun state. Her mother’s name is Elizabeth Ikono from Ikot – Ekpeme in Akwa – Ibom state.

How it all happened:
Her mother was working with one man in Lagos as a house help.  She was later driven out by this boss because she refuses to allow the man to take advantage of her,  she was roaming the street of Lagos crying for help till she met her father which took her home that day and that was how it started. Then her father was a musician and goes to Celestial Church of Christ, then in Mushin Lagos, Nigeria.
Her father did not tell her mother he is married but after 3 children the first wife surfaced and threatens never to see anybody married to her husband talk less of given birth to him, this made her mother to run for cover with her children when she knew this might not be safe for her and her children not minding the Father’s promises not to be afraid and that he can organize another apartment for them (she and her children).
Her mother took them 3 kids (she being the second and about 10 then, sorry she did not know her actual age but guesses) to her grandmother at Akwa Ibom where she left for Kano and did not come back after 13 years and when she finally came back she was very sick not with enough strength to say so many words than all this you have read before she gave up the ghost that same 2003.
Her mother died without much clue about her father but told them there is one of her friend in Kano that knows her father and has his address too, she was able to trace the woman and she and the woman left with the address she has to Lagos last December 2011, they were disappointed because the woman was surprise the way Lagos has changed from the way she knows it then though they were able to locate the area but nobody was able to help since all were new occupants to the few houses around and all things are new to her and nobody is with any information about her father.
Her elder sister who has the same information with the woman has left home angrily one day early 2000 with her husband to be then when she visited their mother at Kano and her mother did not support her marrying the man she left and has never returned nor do we hear any information from her. Please sister, if you find yourself reading this please come back we love you…………..
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Help Her Know Her Father
« on: Apr 12, 2012, 02:42 PM »