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Greeting - How is it going?
« on: Oct 15, 2010, 02:54 AM »
Im new here..
I read in the other thread about 'how is it going?' but didnt really find my answer..

When someone ask 'How are you?' , the answer is usually 'Good, how are you?'...good then you reply the same question to them.
my question is, what is the answer for 'How is it going?' if u want to reply the question for them?
is the answer 'fine thanks, how is it going for you?'
is there any shorter answer?
can I answer 'fine, how are you? ...'changing' question charms

tell me... 'Good,.... '

another question, when someone says 'wazup?'
what is the answer? 'good' ?
just came to america, and I dont know how to schmuck.


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