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Huawei Technologies is a leader in providing next generation telecommunications networks for operators around the world. The company is committed to providing innovative and customized products, services and solutions to create long-term value and potential growth for its customers. The following position(s) currently exist(s) at Huawei Nigeria.

Position: Senior Project Manager

•Bachelor degree or above in Communication, Computer science, Electronics or related major with at least Bachelor 3 years working experience. Master 2 years working experience.
•At least familiar with one product technique of Wireless, Core Network, Network. The person with experience in project delivery or maintenance work is preferred,
•Familiar with project management. Have the ability of leadership and suit for the team management with successful case.
•Strong ability of Communication and team cooperation. Be good at English of listening, reading, speaking and writing.
•Able to travel abroad for a long time or frequent travel

Job Descriptions:
•Bidding support for Service sales, responsible for the key point control like SOW, SLA, etc. Be with the ability of customized service delivery solutions.
•First owner of stable network operators, manage maintenance service projects as the interface for maintenance issues,
•Establishing communication mechanism with the customer, effectively managing the customer's service expectations and taking responsibility for customer satisfaction.
•Working out the tactics and plans for the delivery of service projects, setting up a delivery team, and assigning delivery resources.                 
•Managing the maintenance activities of the responsible network, and fulfilling customer-oriented, network oriented maintenance delivery.
•Facilitating and managing network issues, to ensure delivery quality and SLA fulfillment under the contract.
•Improving resource utilization efficiency, reducing maintenance cost, and fulfilling the operating objectives of the responsible project.

Primary Work Location: Lagos
Required Work Location: Nigeria

All applications must be sent via email to the outlined email address and must be received not later than 1 week from the date of advertisement. Applicants should specify on their applications and CV's the Job title, Job Code and the Job Position they are applying for and should save their C.V with their names and job title. All applications that do not follow the instructions above will be disqualified.

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Re: Jobs at Huawei Technologies Nigeria: Senior Project Manager
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This job vacancy is still open but will be closing soon. Apply now if you're interested and qualified.

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Re: Jobs at Huawei Technologies Nigeria: Senior Project Manager
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