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Inspiring Words: 20’s Matters a lot in Life
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Our 20’s Matters a lot. Invest in your 20’s and Take it seriously

20’s years are very important in man’s life. We decide our future in our twenties. According to a writer called Jay, “he said 80% of our significant life take place by age 35, which make the 20’s a developing spot” If we think of age 35 before getting into the reality of life, then we will likely miss our bearing.

The 20’s era is the time to think what we want to do in life, the necessary steps to take, and how to invest in your future. I must say “not making a choice in your 20’s is your choice” .

In our 20’s we think we are keeping our options open, but we are actually closing doors.” Resumes start to look thin, upcoming peers begin surpassing them and, without real-world experience, we’re no closer to a direction. In the brain’s final growth will start spurting, learning will never again come so easily. The way we navigate professional landscapes and manage relationships in our 20s becomes wired into our brain. If we want to change something about ourselves, now’s the time to do it. Those that push back career and push back marriage, are also pushing against something with little give.

During Puberty and Fertilization era, Young people have been told that they have years and years ahead to start a family. In reality, fertility drops significantly by age 35 and dramatically by 40. It’s not just a woman’s issue either. Not only is older sperm associated with problems, but when a woman can’t get pregnant, neither can her spouse.

You don’t need to start your family in your 20s, but you’d be wise to plan ahead. Jay says “Relationships matter. Work matters. Your personality is changing. It sounds like a lot of pressure, but in experience we know this is true and feel relieved when someone says, ‘I’m taking my life seriously.


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True words!