Author Topic: SmartMoney names CEO Steve Jobs as Person of the Decade  (Read 1005 times)


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SmartMoney has recently named CEO Steve Jobs as person of the decade.  This follows a similar announcement back in November from Fortune Magazine.  Second place in the SmartMoney ranking fell to Warren Buffett, a prominent investor based in the US.

Jobs has long been among the top few most (positively) influential people in business.  His work co-founding Apple launched the desktop revolution and got PCs into each and every small and medium sized business, during an era where there were no spam, windows virus and when computers actually saved work and increased efficiency.  His influence in business has only grown since then, leading NeXT, Pixar, and then again Apple.  During his second tour at Apple, he brought the company it's top position and innovative, if not also revolutionary, designs for OS X, the iPod and the iPhone.

In an era where others have worked to make the term 'computer' synonymous with malfunction, malware, and clunkiness, Jobs has made his work synonymous with style, performance and efficiency. 

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