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Words You Can Only Hear From Naija
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[float=left][/float] 1. Insult upon injury

2. Nonsense and Ingredient

3. If I sound u ehh, I will soon slap you

4. How Far?

5. Can I see your particulars?

6. Anything for me sir?

7. Are you mad?

8. Half-caste

9. Next tomorrow

10. Make I come block you dia

11. Lie, Lie

12. See me see trouble oh

13. Shift small for me lemme sit

14. abeg vamus / abeg commot

15. nonsense say wetin happen

16. Abomination

17. Over my dead body

18. God forbid bad thing

19. I need to retouch my (h)air

20. Any word with 'bloody' e.g. bloody fool, bloody liar, bloody
21. Na wa oooo

22. Tell me something

23. Why do you want to know my name?

24. Abeg joo

25. Can u imagine.....

26. Wonders shall never end

27. Tofiakwa (some people feeling janded will say TUFI!!!!)

28. Chei, Kai

29. Oya me we dey go

30. Hold on lemme branch somewhere

31. Come and Escort Me

32. Stop at that junction over there

33. Borrow me your pen/biro

34. Still yet

35. Me and you will enter the same trouser

36. You are so annoying

37. Why? Because Y has a long tail and branches

38. What is the time? Quarter To buy your own

39. Effico

40. ITK- I too know

41. Muumu

42. How are you? 'We're managing'

43. And so what?

44. I want some assorted biscuits e.g. Rich tea, Digestive

45. Your face look familiar or similiar(kano horses)

46. You are so daft

47. NFA- No future ambition

48. Are you already ready?

49. That is so dry!

50. My belly is full

51. Did they sack you?

52. I trekked all the way here

53. Where is the toilet, I want to piss

54. I want to drink cold mineral

55. Which ones now?

56. Can u imagine, he was trying to toast me

57. Jacker

58. Your head is not correct

59. Have you seen that film before?

60. Just imagine!

61. My school fees money

62. No wahala!

63. Revise back small

64. Oya, shake body

65. Shine your eye

66. Carry go

67. Don't try me o

68. Enough effizzy

69. Nna, You chop?

70. Ashewo bastard!

71. What happen?

72. We must wash am!