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REVEALED! US Branding Boko Haram a Terrorist Group
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**Implications and How it will effect you and Boko Haram, their Sponsors and Sympathisers.

As US Department of States formally labelled Boko Haram's three alleged leading figures as International Terrorist and intending designation of Boko Haram as Foreign Terrorist Organisation (FTO), there is need to look at its implecation.

1. That designation means that America can hunt down Boko Haram operatives and kill or capture them without fear of breaching national sovereignty. American govt can give them Osama treatment.

2. America will increase aerial and ground surveillance of Northern Nigeria and will use all available resources, including drones to target and destroy Boko Haram operatives.

3. There will be increased immigration checks on travelers with Muslim names and Northern Nigeria origin. On the flip side, names like John, Emeka, Innocent, Larry etc will undergo less scrutiny. Americans know Igbos are not suicide bombers.

4. In the event of a religious war, we will most likely have America on our side. Unlike the situation in 1966. This is a major blow to UK government that have tried to stop America from doing the right thing. While they succeeded in keeping America away during the civil war, they can't do so now. The North is naked.

5. The sponsors of Boko Haram will now be identified by America and can no longer hide within the porous and corruption riddled Nigerian system where they can blackmail the President and buy off security agents.

6. Every single kobo transferred from Nigeria will now be tracked to avoid it being used to finance terrorists. Without money, Boko operatives will naturally fade out.

7. Countries like Libya, Somalia, Mauritius and even Saudi Arabia will now have to pull back to avoid American backlash.

8. There will now be full western media focus on events in Nigeria, especially northern Nigeria. The era of lies and cover ups are over.

9. Defenders of Boko Haram will no longer continue in public. People like the midget of Kaduna will risk being labeled as a sponsor or supporter of a terrorist organization. In the coming days, nobody will offer to negotiate with Boko on behalf of anybody.

The game is up!

- John Okiyi Kalu.

Re: REVEALED! US Branding Boko Haram a Terrorist Group
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As long as it will stop the barbaric killings of innocent Nigerians and destroying of properties, it is a welcome development!