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Job Title: Pre-Service and Accreditation Specialist

Job ID: 2012-1591

Location: Nigeria

Category: International Positions      

Company: JHpiego


•   The Pre-service and Accreditation Specialist will work with project leadership to enhance training for nurses and midwives in this

•   five-year, internationally funded project in Northern Nigeria. S/He will provide technical guidance to Colleges of Nursing and Schools of Health Technology in Northern Nigeria in order to enhance their educational offerings, thereby improving the skills and competencies of students and staff.  

•   S/He will also assist non-accredited schools within gaining accreditation from a recognized body.

•   The Specialist will incorporate competency-based training techniques into institutional curriculum.

•   S/He will lead the team in completing an analysis to identify core midwifery competencies needed, based on national needs and standards, and then review and develop curricula to integrate new midwifery competencies with didactic and clinical teaching.

•   S/He will mentor the institutions’ staff to develop their capacity and coordinate the strengthening of faculty member and preceptor’s ability to deliver the new pre-service curricula.

•   The Specialist will work closely with project leadership as well as the state Ministries of Health and other development partners to ensure harmonization of implementation efforts.


•   Provide technical guidance and direction to ensure that the pre-service program is technically sound, evidence-based and responsive to the needs of the health system and donor

•   Provide technical guidance and develop or review curricula and teaching approaches, using proven training approaches and quality improvement methodologies

•   Provide training of trainers, follow-up support and support supervision as necessary for activities

•   Advise institutions on accreditation processes, and help them to achieve accreditation

•   Ensure the dissemination of revised curricula on midwifery education

•   Mentor twinning partner staff during training implementation

•   Work closely with external stakeholders, consultants and experts as required

•   Collaborate closely with key stakeholders, including MOH officials, professional associations, in-service training organizations and other development programs for smooth implementation

•   Contribute to annual work planning, training plans and quarterly reports as needed

•   Work collaboratively with program team and headquarters staff to assure proper program and financial reporting, spending and compliance with program terms and conditions

•   Evaluate program progress against deliverables on a pre-determined basis

•   Promote and support the dissemination of the program’s best practices and lessons learned among the program team, key stakeholders, including the MOH, local partners, and donor

•   Ensure quality program implementation consistent with Nigeria’s national health guidelines

Required Qualifications:

•   Clinical degree with post-graduate training in public health

•   At least 7 years of senior-level management experience of complex health programs

•   At least 5 years of experience implementing public health training programs in Nigeria

•   Excellent interpersonal, writing and oral presentation skills

•   Familiarity with preservice interventions and the accreditation process in Nigeria

•   Experience and understanding of the national Midwives Service Scheme (MSS)

•   Willingness to travel within Northern Nigeria

•   Ability to work in a complex environment with multiple tasks, short deadlines and intense pressure to perform

•   Fluent in written and spoken English

•   Nigerian nationals preferred

How to Apply:

If you are interested in working with the organisation and your skills and capabilities match the job profile, submit your application now.

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Pre-Service and Accreditation Specialist Job

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