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Living Happily in the New Year!
« on: Jan 11, 2010, 06:45 AM »
These challenging times can tax some of our personal or professional relationships, which can affect our own state of mind and professional performance. The following ideas are simple, powerful, and helpful.

Like it or not, we are all connected . . . we are all one.

That is why we feel hurt when others "attack" us. We don't hurt from their attack. We hurt from our reaction to that attack. When we strike back, it is like landing a punch on ourselves. It hurts every time.

There is a key to living happy in this day-to-day world, but it requires a few things:

1. Master forgiveness. When we hold grievances against others, that grievance is usually a reflection of a past, or current, behavior that we have not forgiven in ourselves. Sometimes we put bad habits or old mistakes behind us, but we never really forgive ourselves for those past behaviors or actions. Consequently, we are extremely aware of those traits in others. And we react harshly when we see them in others.

Sometimes people do things we've never done, yet, for one reason or another, we hold strong grievances against them. Without true forgiveness, we will always be haunted by those current or past grievances.

Forgiveness is an honest letting-go process — as opposed to repression — that is hard to do on our own. Sometimes we need to ask for divine intervention to experience true forgiveness. I've done it many times! So I know it can be done. But it requires a conscious effort and an honest appeal to the greater good to help us let go. It's a humbling process and a powerful one.

2. Learn non-judgment. Once we have learned to forgive, it's important to deflect any temptation to hold a grudge when issues arise on a daily basis. You do that by not judging the behavior of others. When others screw up, they are doing it out of their own fear and/or lack of understanding. Their actions don't need to be something we judge. It is always a call for help on their part. Bottom line: Learn not to judge.

3. Love. Once you have erased the "dark past" through forgiveness and mastered the art of "deflection" through non-judgment, you are left with love. That is a cool feeling to carry through every day. People will like you more and like being around you. You are lifted, and so are they. The simple act of carrying love every moment of every day is the greatest goal anyone could set for himself or herself. Many believe there is no greater calling.

Try the "One-Day Challenge."  If you are tempted to judge, delay it for a day. When a temptation strikes, say to yourself, "I'll judge this tomorrow, but I won't allow myself to do it today."

This challenge has changed many lives forever. Give it a try, and your life will be dramatically enriched if you do.

So, give it a go! You'll be happier for it.

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Living Happily in the New Year!
« on: Jan 11, 2010, 06:45 AM »