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It's not just about the type of food, it's also the quantity. you need to watch that. most times we eat more food than the body needs that having been said

1. Amala is light. It's got a higher water content than most of the other swallow foods. if you feel like eating any of the others, just make sure you eat smaller than your new small portion. Also, remember to skim off the extra oil in the soup. you don't need that.

2. Eko/agidi - with soup or stews and meat/fish. remember to skim off the extra oil

3. Boiled ripe plantain

4. Unripe plantain in any form

5. Soybeans

6. You can eat rice/yam/pasta/tuber foods, just watch your portions, and make sure the healthy stuff (beans/plantain/moimoi/salad) is at least equal to the quantity of rice. if u obey the portion rule, u'll find that you often have to share a plate with someone

7. Moinmoin - when prepared with enough protein (fish/corned beef/bone marrow - yum), it's a balanced diet on its own.

8. fruit salad/veggie salad brekkie or dinner. just to cleanse your system

9. More fiber - coconuts, tiger nuts (ofio), vegetable soup/stew (if you feel like nibbling something but aint really hungry)

10. Snack on carrots or fruits instead of processed biscuits and stuff

11. Cut down on your sugar. About the only thing i eat sugar with these days is my cereal/coffee, and even that isn't much. 1 cube, or max 2 is enough for one serving.

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Good info for those interested in losing weight.