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AgataSoft ShutDown Pro is a software which is specially designed to shut down your computer automatically. You can leave your PC without need to turn it off manually. This program shuts down the computer according to the schedule that you set. It works on a certain day during a certain time.

The PC can also shut down if you are away for a specific number of hours or if the CPU usage is low. Are you using multiple computers? AgataSoft ShutDown Pro can perform its task on a local area network. With the help of network control, you can allow this application to shut down a single computer or several computers at a time.

Before the PC shuts down, you can see the remaining time displayed in your monitor. Aside from shutting down of computer, you can also schedule other tasks like alarm and restart. When it comes to automatic tasks like shutting down of computer, AgataSoft ShutDown Pro can do the entire job for you.

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