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Job Title: Head of ECP Services (Expatriate)

Ref: E/P

Location: Port Harcourt, Nigeria

Division : Exploration-Production

Direction : Engineering, Construction & Projects Department, ECP.

Position reports to:  DGM

Company: Maventeq Systems Limited

Job Dimension:

• 10-12 staff managed.

• Manage an annual budget of 24Million $

• Materials: Manage all project materials from material inspection, inventory, and storage and materials reconciliation after project close out.

• Cost Control: Manage Budget Performance and issue about 30 Cost Control Reports for projects on a monthly basis totalling 162 Millions $.

• Reporting& Planning: 365 daily reports, 52 weekly reports, 12 monthly reports each year. HSE ECP reporting

• Contracts Admin: 200 contracts elaborated and followed on a yearly basis mainly Personnel Service Contracts (Local & Expatriate) within ECP Division and drive Minor Contracts Committee within ECP to ensure compliance to TEPNG Contracting process.

• IST Correspondent: Support IST requests for over 157 people in ECP Department and forecast Divisions IST requirements.

• Document Control(PRODOM): In charge of Electronic Document Control Implementation for the Division and follow up of PRODOM usuage (User Size) (72GB, 140000 files and 13000 folders) within ECP Division

• In charge of Logistic matters for Division and also Security Correspondent for the Division

• Cost Estimation: Responsible for cost engineering, cost estimating and cost analysis for all medium to large studies and projects for ECP Divisions and occasionally JVA Planning for Conceptual/Pre-project evaluation.

• Admin: Manage all staff admin support services for all personnel within ECP Division


• Supervises monthly cost control reports for all major projects of C&P, detailing the original budget, the approved variation orders, committed amounts, spent amounts and estimate at completion for each budget line item.

• Is the Custodian of the Project Materials

• Maintains Materials cost database involving regular interface with Procurement and Contracts

• Supervises the preparation, assembly and production of the daily, weekly and monthly reports.

• Supervises the issuing, following and payment authorization process for over 200 contracts annually.

• Supervises the preparation of annual budget defence of C&P cost performance with JV partners

• Supervises the documentation control (including the implementation of EDMS in C&P Department) and archive in Prodom.

• Supervises the logistic registration for all ECP Personnel.

• Supervises all cost estimation service requests from ECP departments and JVA planning

• Drive the Minor Contracts Committee Process within ECP to ensure compliance of TEPNG contracting process and keeps records of all contract approvals

• Manages and maintains ECP Web Site on the intranet involving updating the site regularly with information on major C&P activities.

Context and Environment:

• Work location based in Port Harcourt Office complex with occasional site visits.

• Services to ECP Division and occasionally JV assets.

• Constraints: The team needs to be adequately staffed, to match the new projects requirements especially in cost estimation.

.Favourable Factors: Resources in the service group are already trained to deliver the requested services.


• Provides reliable cost estimates for all engineering studies and request for services by JVA and Development planning and manages cost feedback from Projec Teams to improve reliability of cost estimation tools

• Provides reliable cost control reports to enable an effective financial control of ECP activities

• Provides clear reporting documents that can inform in a smooth and timely fashion.

• Provide IST support to all staff within ECP

• Provide Document Control Services to ECP through PRODOM system and support JV in management of files

• Ensures there is no production loss due to materials stock out


•   B. Sc Civil, Mechanical or Electrical Engineering

•   10 years experience in Projects or Project Services within an Affiliate or within Home Office Projects Services with at least 2years in Cost Estimation and Cost Control.

How To Apply:

If you are interested in working the organisation, please submit your application now.

Visit: Job Application Portal

Head of ECP Services - Expatriate Job

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