Author Topic: 2012/2013 WAEC Results Released, 80% Failed English and Mathematics  (Read 1094 times)


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Information has it that the  Zonal Co-ordinator, Mr Alozie N.U decided to share and reveal the full statictics of the 2012/2013 Waec examination of her candidates.

This information was claimed to have been sent directly from the Nigerian Open University Educational News Broadcasting Team

A total of 324,998 candidates registered for the examination.
Now, out of these 310. 077 candidates, here are their gender statictics:
168,835 are Males:
while 141,242 are Females: candidates who registered for the waec examination.

The results of 51,876 candidates, representing 16. 73% of candidates are being withheld by the waec Board, based on various reports, mostly for these candidates alleged involvement in examination malpractice.

While another Statistics shows that a Whooping Number of 250,487 candidates representing 80. 78% have 2 credits and above.

While 217,161candidates, representing 70. 03 of the total 2012 WAEC candidates, have three credits and above.

Yet, another statictics shows that 180,480 candidates, which represented 58. 20% of this year’s candidates, have four credits and above in their results.

Further Stats shows that 141,167 candidates representing 45. 52% of candidates who registered for this year’s examination, obtained the following:
five (5) credits and above.

While 99,750 candidates representing 32. 16%, did obtained six credits and above.

While on the basis of University admission qualifications, The Zonal Co-ordinator, Mr Alozie shed more light on this:

A total of 133,507 candidates representing 43. 06% obtained credit and above in English Language.
While a total of 151,569 candidates representing 48. 88% of candidates, has obtained credit and above in Mathematics.

While 62,295 candidates, representing 20. 04%, obtained credits in the following subjects:
English language,
Mathematics and at least three other Subjects.

A whooping sum total of 33 blind candidates sat for this year’s examination, and from this figure, 4 candidates, representing (12. 12%), obtained credits in five subjects.
Which include the following:
English Language.
Important Notice:
Blind candidates are exempted from taking mathematics and science practicals in WASSCE diets.

That is the total stats of candidates performance in the 2012/2013 Waec Examination.

Candidates who sat for the 2012/2013 waec examination can now check their results at the waec official website.

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This is just the beginin,expect more in the coming years.teachers no lönger encourage students to read instead they should pay money for omokirikiri

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